Friday, August 17, 2007

Ideas Swirling...

The girls and I are headed out of town today for a brief overnight trip to see a friend and her children! Should be lots of fun!

And, while I don't really know what to post today (this rarely ever happens!) I thought I'd just post some things that have been swirling around in my mind...

* I've been doing tons of Christmas crafting to fill orders! So fun!!

* I'm working on David's birthday which is coming up early September.

* Planning a girls night in at my house over Labor Day involving a viewing of this and some yummy treats!

* Pondering how to make a Little House on the Prairie themed stocking for each of the girls this year - a candy stick, a rag doll, simple and homey.

* Thinking ahead to the 2nd Annual Homespun Harvest party!

* Crafting and working on goodies for my shoebox swap! FUN!

* Making more dishcloths.

* Bidding on old Big Ben clocks (non-working is fine) on ebay to re-create an awesome idea I read about on Curious Sofa.

* Buying clear vinyl to make these super neat "wallets" featured in September issue of Country Living.

* Starting to menu plan for a trip to Florida in October!

* Have you seen the Fall Land's End Kids catalog? I was very impressed by the little girls clothes - cute, feminine and modest! Yes, they are out of my price range - but I just want to say that I'm impressed by what they have to offer!

What ideas are in your head right now?


Anonymous said...

Didn't the girls get an orange one Christmas? Oh and a tin cup.
I think there is even a "My First Little House" book that is a Christmas one.

Anonymous said...

Have a fun trip!

PS: Lands End is having free shipping until Aug. 21 (special code needed to redeem). Any special requests that Grammie could get for the little ladies?

Love you, Mom

MyHeartIsAlwaysHome said...

The Little House stocking idea is great! Have a great time with your friend.

carrie said...

We are such project girls!

I am working on my swap box, also. In addition, I'm putting together several "themed" wedding gifts. Other projects I am thinking about are creating a household notebook and figuring out a menu planning process that works for us.

love you!

Julian said...

I love your ideas. I a mom of 7, and
I am getting excited about having a harvest party myself. We live in texas and mom is coming from Idaho in October. I am trying to gather lots of ideas for us to have a fun time. I liked the popcorn candle idea, as well as the bean bag toss. My daughter liked the apple bobbling. We might make chili dogs and spice cupcakes, Im still working on it. You are doing such a great job with your girls, and congrats on the new baby. :) Thaks for sharing all your great ideas with us.

Anonymous said...

Hey Monica! Love the Christmas stocking idea! I also want to make my little girl a doll this year and maybe a few outfits and a blanket. Santa always put an orange, apple, and nuts in our stockings growing up. Recently I read the background on that tradition-can't remember it though! By the way, can I adopt your mom?
Have a fun and safe trip!! Elise

jen said...

You inspire me! Love the Little House stocking idea. Don't forget to pour molasses onto the snow!

jen said...

It's me again. Did you know that you can go to and get discount codes for online shopping? It's a great site, and super easy to use. Just type in the store/company name, they'll give you several discount codes, you pick one to your liking, and then click on their link to the company's site. This might be an idea to pass on...

Joy@Joy in the Journey said...

Have fun on your trip! I LOVE the Anne movies...every slumber party I ever had involved watching all 8 hours of Anne. :) And, Dave and I were JUST talking about how we could make a simple stocking for Hannah this Christmas, with a peppermint stick and a Charlotte funny that you were thinking the same thing!
It looks like Grammie is going to get something cute for the girls!! Aren't moms the best?! :)

Carmen said...

I love your ideas! I like the clock idea!

For Carrie...I came up with something for menu planning that works for us and posted it on my blog. You're more than welcome to check it out.
(I started this in May/June and I'm still using it.)
Hope it helps.


Carmen said...

Oops...the address got cut off. I guess just go to
and click on the June's the third one down.

If anyone can tell me how to add a link to a comment I'd be ever so happy!

: )

Paige said...

I'm still loving the chore badge system we started two weeks ago along with the MOTH scheduling. Love for easy recipes and menues/shopping lists. I'm always on the look out for cheap and easy craft/activity things to do with a spare 30 minutes. Scavenger hunts are fun and learning new games but I don't have a good resource. Christmas is still too far ahead, and I get sad thinking about having it without my man here. Your ideas are inspiring!

Jane said...

You are such an inspiration. Last year at christmas we were in a situation were we had little money. We explained to our family, and for our little girls I fortunately had some tiny things put aside for the baby and we had enough to purchase one small item for our then 2yr old. They were more than happy with what they got, and it made me realise that they don't need the piles of gifts we seem to present them with these days.
And a kindred spirit. I have always wanted to stitch the samplers that Merilla had hanging around the home. One day i'll find a pattern

Kimberly said...

Don't you just love finding kindred spirits? Hmm, Anne-Girl?

I so wanted to name my firstborn Anne...when it was a boy, I wanted to name him Gilbert, but hubbs said no. Oh well...