Friday, October 20, 2006

Harvest Party Part One!

Today was the much-prepared for and anticipated Homespun Harvest Party! It turned out to be a beautiful and sunny (85 degrees!) morning to be out in God's great creation! I think it would be safe to say that everyone had a wonderful time and we're already talking about next year!

One thing I want to share: a mom of five called me this morning saying one of her kids was sick and she wouldn't be able to come. I was sorry, but just prayed, Lord, You know who should be here today. Maybe there is someone else who needs to come instead." Two hours later, another friend calls saying her friend's field trip was cancelled for today - could she come to the party? Sure! I asked how many kids she had - anyone want to guess? Yes, that's right - she has five! (Though only three of them came.) See how God works everything out?!

Rachel slept through the entire morning, I discovered a use for $1 croquet mallets from a flea market, and, Megan, everyone was thrilled with their candles! Thank you, for sharing of your gifts and talents!

Thank you, dear friends, for coming! I have lots of new memories with you and am thankful for you! Enjoy the photos of our morning! (Sorry, my camera battery died half way through - so I only got the first half!)


Anonymous said...

Monica -- you are so amazing to get these darling photos of your Harvest Party up so quickly!! I'm so glad to see how you had things set up and to see everyone having such fun!

Happy Autumn!! :)

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Monica - We had such a fun time... thanks for hosting such a wonderful party. The Cushman Clan.