Friday, October 19, 2018


Nearly all our activities were canceled last Thursday for the anticipated arrival of Tropical Storm Michael. David had different hours so we enjoyed a leisurely morning at home. Our power wasn't out, but it seemed cozy to light a candle and use my book light. I love low light!!!

Later on the sun came out and all we really had was a bunch of leaves, limbs, sticks and nuts in the yard that had fallen from trees. Rachel and Samuel collected dozens and dozens of acorns and hickory nuts and played with them. I collected leaves, berries, flowers, acorns, etc. to decorate with.

Dinner and tea on the porch with a friend was a lovely treat too and then writing group after that! Home is my favorite place!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Fall Crafting

Right after getting home from Colorado, two girlfriends came over for a little Fall craft day! All of our kids played in the backyard and we had fun creating!

I love this set up - each of us brings one craft with enough supplies for everyone to complete it and then we end up making three projects! My project was this vintage linen Scripture art. We also made these adorable pinwheels - idea from Elise @nestsweetnest and a felt hoop wreath via this pin.

Have you been doing any fall crafting?

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Slow Moments

Crabapples and leaves in the alley.

A little visitor in the wood pile while working on an outside project. I took these for the girls who have already both named this little mouse.

Making sopapillas!

Watching Poldark!

Tried these donuts from the most recent Magnolia Magazine - they did not go according to plan so we agreed they will not be worth making again!

Playing Skip-Bo.

Time together.


Cozy breakfast.

Time to read, enjoy the view, process and notice beauty from the plane.