Friday, September 30, 2016

Saturday Adventuring

It surprises me to admit this, but sometimes I love just getting out and going somewhere I haven't gone before. Discovering a new adventure and seeing new things. I'm grateful for these days where I have built in companions who are willing and interested in going with me.

Last Saturday was Free Museum Day. Have you ever done that before? We went to an art museum one year and then a ships museum this year. Rachel, Samuel and I {Emily wanted to stay home} went and we were all free plus free parking - we spent only a few gallons of gas and a few hours but it was refreshing.

One of the benefits, I think, is just the offering of a different perspective. There is also the opportunity to learn something and experience something new and making a memory together.

Captain Rachel and First-Mate Samuel {and vice versa} had fun setting sail for their maiden voyage in the steering cabin which was in the basement of the museum.  I enjoyed the garden outside and it was fun that we stumbled upon a wedding being set up for that evening.

After a long week that left me feeling discouraged and worn out, it was a good reminder to me that I like these little side trips that we are privileged to take. I like free opportunities that fit our schedule and interests, I like taking pictures, I like seeing the delight on these faces that were with me. And, once again, I am grateful - heady memories are built on ordinary simplicities like these. 

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Sentimental over Pancakes

Where do I begin? Pancakes have had me feeling all sentimental this past week - here's why.

David didn't grow up eating breakfast for dinner like I did, so this glorious dinner option has been sort of lost on him. But he is gracious and will eat whatever I fix yet I try not to take advantage of that and we rarely have breakfast for dinner.

Meanwhile, we have spent the past number of years with him working many nights. Those automatically became pancake nights. It was easy on me, and my kids have always loved them. We love numerous varieties of pancakes and are not fussy - just cut them up with the pizza cutter and drizzle a little maple syrup over the top.

We have eaten them on picnics {here is another picnic and another, and another}, camping, for birthday celebrations {and this one}, at Grammie's chuckwagon, and in the street. We have eaten them on our apple picking trips, in celebration of Thanksgiving, for Family Night and in celebration of the First Day of School. I could never begin to remember all the ordinary days we have celebrated with the crowning finish of pancakes.

This summer, David's job changed. It was actually a huge blessing and seemingly impossible answer to prayer for us. One of the biggest changes is that he is not really working nights much anymore. Yay!

I hadn't even really had a chance to miss pancake night yet because the busiest times for him at work in the evenings were through the Fall and Winter and we are just now approaching those seasons. And then last week, he needed to be gone during the evening and I immediately wanted to make pancakes.

As I stirred batter and heated the griddle, I realized it had been a long time since I'd made pancakes for dinner just for the four of us. All of a sudden my children seemed almost too old for pancake night {though I certainly did not suggest such an idea!} and I thought of the many, many memories we have made together over plates filled with pancakes. When I searched my blog for mentions of pancakes - 61 posts came up. Whoa. And that only counts the posts where I actually used the word, "pancakes."

I remembered when they were all toddlers and early preschool age how hard making pancakes for dinner was because they ate them so fast and all needed them cut up at the exact same time and I ate mine after they were finished. We have made them look like pigs, pigs, ladybugs, teddy bears, Rudolph and in names spelled out. We made pancakes to celebrate Pinky being returned and for many candlelight Christmas dinners.

They didn't eat as many pancakes this time while we dined in the living room with a movie showing on my laptop. My heart and tummy were filled at adding another memory to the treasure box that involved pancakes. I would like to think that when they are grown, they might have a hard day and think of making pancakes because of the memories and comfort surrounding this meal.

Pancakes are such a simple meal, they make me feel like Ma Ingalls and they are so thrifty. Maybe plates of pancakes will be made for my children's children and they will tell them all the fun times they remember having growing up and eating pancakes. Or maybe it will be less intentional than that and simply be a warm place in their memory bank.

I'm partial to breakfast for dinner and making memories simply over a plate of pancakes. May we have many more such memories in our future! I'm grateful for the gift of pancakes and the opportunity to gather around and create simple sweet memories on ordinary days with my family.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Slow Day

Pioneer Woman French Breakfast Puffs
Rachel got to change her earrings for the first time!
Reading about Hudson Taylor.
Vintage Girl Scout suitcase - recently thrifted for less than $2!
Nature Tic-Tac-Toe
Working on a free Shutterfly calendar {code is already expired}
Grocery Store
Balloon Blowing
Applesauce Pancakes and Heart of Christmas
I'm loving this series my Mom recently recommended.