Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It started as a walk...

Last Wednesday morning, I knew we needed to just relax our schedule a bit at home - just be. Just be together.

I suggested a walk and grabbed my camera - purposing to take a picture of whatever caught my eye especially looking out for things I'd not noticed or observed before.

We walked - in no particular hurry - over to our neighborhood lake. My children absolutely love to walk over there - they have named the turtles, love to pretend fishing with sticks, etc...

So, to the lake we went ...

We saw ducks, turtles, pretty birds, mushrooms, flowers, water, trees, clouds, sky - God's beautiful creation filling our eyes.

Before we knew it, we'd been gone an hour. And, it struck me that these are the things childhood is made of - heads hanging over the side of the dock, exclaiming over the ducks, naming the turtles and looking for the favorite one, playing with sticks and breathing good air.

No one really had the heart to go home and have school - can't we go home and get our school stuff and come back? they pleaded.


We headed home to gather everything up - tomorrow, I'll show the rest!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Be Still ...

I recently ordered this Be Still necklace for myself - I often need to be reminded of the truth it represents.

The day after it came, was my first day tutoring at Classical Conversations and it was a long night followed by a morning where I woke as a bundle of nerves. I headed straight for the Peace Chair and opened my Bible to Psalm 46:10 ~

"Be still, and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations,

I will be exalted in the earth."

I read the words over and over - letting them sink deep. I saw the notes I'd written into my Bible from a message I heard Craig give on this verse at the Glen.

"Don't just pretend that He is God, or just say that He is God, or even hope that He is God."

Know that He is God.

Time was moving quickly and I knew I needed to get ready for the day - but I said this verse out loud to myself as I did so.


Be still...

Be still and ...

Be still and know...

Be still and know that ...

Be still and know that I ...

Be still and know that I am ...

Be still and know that I am God.

Then, the next part of the verse jumped out at me -

"I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth."

No matter what else happens, He WILL be exalted. Isn't that truly my goal? That He would be exalted? YES! And, what a thought it was to me to consider and believe that no matter what, above all - He will be exalted. That is a non-negotiable.

Many other things may or may not happen. But His glory and exaltation is not one of them - it is a known must!

Obviously, I quickly clipped on my new necklace, praying all the while that God would still me and go with me throughout the day. That He would remind me of this truth through the touch of the metal around my neck the weight of it dangling from me, walking in the truth of His Lordship and glory being sure things no matter what!

I've written about Lisa Leonard's beautiful creations before - and she has graciously agreed to host another giveaway here for a $50 gift certificate!!! Winners in the US or Canada qualify for this drawing!

I love the beautiful jewelry she creates! Especially the ones with beautiful truths carried with us throughout the day ~

If you would like to be entered in the drawing for a $50 gift certificate from Lisa - please hop over to her site and tell us about what you'd choose! Comments will be accepted until 1opm EST, Wednesday September 1st.

This song is in my head as I type these words:

Garlands Hanging

A couple of you have written and asked what the garlands look like while hanging - I just finished this one and ran out to hang it on my garden fence so you could see:

Update: Orders are open again as God has provided a friend to help me! Thank you so much for your interest!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Winner of the cupcake kit is Dawn! I loved reading all of your first day of school traditions! And, if you did not win - I'm hosting two more giveaways this week! Stay tuned ...

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to School: Traditions & A Giveaway!

As we were preparing to begin school, I was thinking back to what our traditions were growing up. My Dad almost always took us out for breakfast on the first day - which was a very special treat!

For a while, I thought about continuing that tradition and taking my littles out for breakfast - but since we home school, getting out of the house really breaks the rhythm sometimes. I went around and around trying to come up with some great ideas and eventually settled happily on simple homey ideas that will be a joy to continue!

1. Set the scene. I wanted to make things look special and pretty - a pleasure and a treat to the eye. This is the stuff memories are made of! Think texture, layers, things that add meaning and enjoyment!

2. Eat somewhere different. My children always think it is so special to eat breakfast outside! Because it is so out of the ordinary. I had planned to set up our breakfast outside - but the rain prevented us from this! Instead, I set everything up in our Living Room.

3. Center it around God. Worship Him, thank Him, learn more of His ways. Focus on the things that please Him! Wisdom and giving thanks were at the top of our list this year. I have a set of alphabet cards that can be strung on a garland - this time, I spelled wisdom to tie with our theme of pursuing wisdom. You can make your own by using this idea. (Plus, look at this cute idea!)

4. Have fun! Measure everyone! Laugh together!

5. Remember - create a time capsule for next year. We used this page and had fun noting special likes and thoughts for enjoyment in the future.

6. Fix a special treat! In our case, I made cupcakes for an after-lunch-tea-party. I received this cupcake set to do a review for you here and they were very tasty! I only used half of what they sent me - so now it is your turn to win!

Mine don't look as fancy as theirs because I didn't want to give the pearly decorations to my young children - plus, I wanted to send them to one of you!

The cupcakes were tasty and I was impressed at how everything except the liquid ingredients was included! We're talking muffin papers, generous helpings of all sprinkles and a whole bottle of yellow food coloring! But, to be honest, I would never spend $30 for a cupcake kit - so these were a fun item to review!

To enter the giveaway, tell me about your first day of school growing up - did you have any special traditions? Or, tell me about what you do for the first day of school with your children! Or, just leave a comment :)

No post tomorrow, so this giveaway will be open until 10pm EST Friday, August 27, 2010. Winner will be chosen at random and will receive a Deluscious Daisies cupcake kit which makes 12 cupcakes!