Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I haven't done many of the tags I've received recently - but both Kimberlee and Kara tagged me for the same one this weekend - so here goes:

Ok, it will take me a ridiculously long time to come up with seven random things - but I will get started:

1. Thoughts on my mind right now include: concern over the election and what that means to our country (I am writing this before the election); what if someday, I don't have enough food to feed my family?; how can I cultivate a servant heart in my very young children? teaching them to look to the needs of others?; my house is a complete disaster lately - I can't seem to get caught up; areas of needed improvement as a child of God, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend.

2. It's certainly no secret that I love the Mitford books ~ have you ever thought about which character you are most like? I'm Father Tim. Old fashioned, home loving, sort of shy, not too excited about change or risks. How about you?

3. I love cold sheets. If I sit in bed and read, I have to flip my pillow over or let it cool off or something because I just love laying my head down on a cool pillowcase. I also love the feel of old sheets - smooth and comforting. I'm not into high thread counts and all that new fangled stuff.

4. I have fun making up little games with myself to get my work done. I will set lots of little goals and then try to beat myself at it. Um, should I be telling you all these things? Will you all still like me? I know, it's random - it does help me get a lot done though!

5. As a child, I was not like Father Tim - I would go up to anyone and could chatter away on any number of things. I always got comments on my report card like, "Monica is a very pleasant child, but she talks too much."

I also hum. Alot. In fourth grade, my teacher was going to ask me to go stand outside and get my humming out. You know what? Most times I don't even realize I'm doing it. I guess the joy in my heart just spills over without me even knowing.

6. I have a lot of bad dreams. They are very strange and very real. I really hate this. It is very hard! I pray that my children will never have to know what this feels like.

7. I have been listening to Christmas music lately and also this recording called The Door. It comes with a DVD of the live recording of this worship album done in Beijing, China. Can you imagine what it was like to worship God in a place where God is not accepted at all? It boggles my mind and wow, so powerful. I was on a mission trip one time with this couple who led up this project, so was excited to see what they are doing now.

There you have it - seven random things and it took me less than 30 minutes! I can hardly believe it - please share your random things in the comments - I'd love to hear them!


JessieLeigh said...

Regarding #3-- I am the exact same way! And, apparently, there are a lot of us out there because a couple of years ago, my mom got me this little thing called a "chillow" that keeps my pillow cool all the time. I'm not very "gadget-y", but I do love that thing!

Kimberlee said...

I can't believe you got in trouble for talking too much!!! that is funny to me!
But I do remember you humming a lot! Let the joy spill over!

Hannah said...

I still like you. Don't worry.

Some weird things....ummmmmm....
Writing books all the time (I write them in my head all the time. Hard to pay attention to the sermon while you are thinking up the next battle strategy or something.) and I'm a little crazy about books or anything like that.

Mother of Many said...

Thank you Monica. I love you more now. We have the cold pillow in common....I also like a cold toilette. Hate the thought of why a toilette is warm...too much information.

I have very bad dreams too. I'll write you on email to tell you how they have stopped being something I dread.

Thank you. I think you are great. A sinner, but a great, redeemed, old fashioned sinner that I'm glad to know in bloggy world.

Beth said...

I know I don't "know" you, but I love your blog and your 7 random things made me love the "you" I get to see even more.
My friends tell me that I should stop reading your blog because often I feel inferior to you and your mothering skills, but the first item on your list made me see that we're probably more alike than I realize.
Thank you for sharing your life with us!

Wendi said...

I can relate to your house being a complete disaster. My intentions are good but I can't seem to get my act together.

#2 discribes me perfectly! I guess that is why I like your blog so much.

Catherine said...

Nice to get to know you better! I like that idea of setting little challenges for yourself and trying to beat them. Thanks for sharing all those things.
My random thought is how I can best keep my 4 year-old busy while the smaller ones sleep in the afternoon - preferably TV free!

thehomespunheart said...

Beth - I'm sorry that you feel inferior as a mother after visiting here - I certainly only want to encourage! Please know that there are many times I feel inferior as a mother. I don't share all the times I lose my patience, raise my voice or feel completely overwhelmed with discouragement. I need to be reminded that God chose me to be the mother to Emily, Rachel and Samuel. He thought I was the best mother for them and thought they were the best children for me. I simply have to trust that He will equip me to do the job He has called me to do.

I hope this glimpse into what I was thinking helped me seem more "real" ~


Dawn said...

Okay...big confession here...I am still scared of the dark. No, seriously. My children and hubby know this about me, and so they don't ever ask me to go out to get anything out of the car at night. LOL!
Let's see...something random...I am an only child who happened to be blessed with 10 children.
And I like nice warm sheets, so hubby lies on my side until I get in the bed. Isn't that sweet?

Pattie - Chicagoland, IL said...

Beth, I have four kiddos ranging now from 15 to nearly 24, and I too have gone through those moments of wondering if my mothering was good enough, if there wasn't something else I could be doing for my kids. I think those feeling just go with the territory.

But trust me, when you look back years from now, on who you were as a mother, and how you interacted with them, you will see those things that you just don't have the time to see today.

I often look back at photos or writings of mine from years ago and say to myself, "Hey...I did all of that? Wow, I HAVE been a good mother after all!".

Hang in there. Don't compare yourself to others. Just love your kids, do your best, and it will all flow smoother than you could ever have anticipated.


Tania said...

I love cool sheets too! I sleep way better.
Something about me....I have three boys and I don't like loud noise or rowdiness. They are all boy though, so I daily try to get over my issue with noise and balance training them to play loud outside. (-:
I'll admit though I was relieved to hear your house gets a little messy as I have been too sick (pregnancy) lately to keep up with my house and I have been so down about it. Thank you for your sweet spirit--it definitely flows through what you share and is a great encouragement.

Stephanie said...


I love your blog and check it each morning when I am getting things started for my day. I really enjoyed your post today..thanks for sharing!

Stephanie in SC

Mary Ann said...

I can also totally relate to #2.

I was always shy and quiet as a child but had several of my teachers remark that I could always find the humor in any situation. I really didn't know what that meant then but as an adult, when I read what one of my teachers had written, I realized that I am still that way.And it's a good thing, but I do need to work on my timing. :-)

I am a hummer and singer too. It's probably a combination of having a happy heart and being around kids so much!LOL!!!

Michelle said...

I did this on my own blog a while ago, but of course I don't know where in the archives it is... but I wanted to comment on your cool pillow and your humming: I did both as a child! I remember my parents constantly saying "stop humming at the table!" while we were eating. I don't think I do it anymore. If I do, my kids and husband don't mention it! I also used to be a pillow-flipper, but I don't do it anymore unless one of my hot-headed kids have been laying on my bed. Now my head hits the pillow and I'm usually asleep before it can warm up! ;)

...they call me mommy... said...

Great post, Monica! I echo the other gals in that it was good to hear that your home gets a bit messy sometimes *blush* Your blog is such an encouragement to me spiritually AND creatively! I look forward to reading it! Um... a few random things about me?
-I have probably watched Anne of Green Gable/Avonlea 100+ times in my life...Pride and Prejudice is getting close
-I own a cow named Nicodemus! :-P
-I love all things Amish, especially buggies
-All I did when I was younger was pretty much play I rarely play sports at all! LOL! ;)
(unless there is competitive diaper changing contests or something! HEEHEE)
-sleep, walks in the country side, and a good book are a few of my favorite things!
Ok...anyhoo...enjoyed this topic!

Amy said...

My report card was JUST like yours ;) Imagine that? I still haven't evolved out of the nonsense chatter :)

I am with you on the cool sheets too.

I just love reading these things about my favorite bloggers. :)

Trish said...

I set little goals too!! I really dislike folding laundry, so if I can fold an entire load in 5 minutes or less, I get a piece of dark chocolate. (Which is supposed to be good for your heart!) How's that for motivation! And, when I was trying to do better at going to bed at a decent hour, I would make a little mark on paper I had on my fridge for every time I went to bed by 10:30. Each mark was a "dime" and when I got to $3.00, I'd treat myself to a special drink at the coffee shop with my friend.
And my report cards all have the little box checked "talks too much". I don't remember thinking that I talked too much...
It's fun to see all of our similarities.

Michele Norman said...

What a cool way to get to know someone better. I find it interesting the comments teachers would write on report cards. Mine always had comments referring to ADHD which was called "minimal brain dysfunction" back in the day. "Michele loses focus easily", "She cannot sit still", and my favorite: "Easily distracted". Duh, look at all the unfinished projects in my house....still easily distracted!

Heather said...

Monica, I've enjoyed reading about so many of the fun things you've done with your family lately--Emily's b-day, the Harvest Party, homeschooling fun. I was wondering how you did it all--I thought you must have help with housework or something, to be able to do so many fun things!

Finding balance is something all of us will always be working on. Thanks for letting us glimpse how "real" you are. It helps us be inspired without idolizing you or feeling intimidated. :)

Thank you, Monica!

Mrs Smiley Joe said...

These are wonderful! Thanks for sharing...Oh, and I'm a cool pillow gal too.

Tracy said...

#5 was very sweet...

Michelle- This Ones's for the Girls said...

I am definitely Cynthia. I've always related to her in each and every Mitford book-- but especially when she makes the "faux plaster" walls just days before her big rose tea. Oh, my, that is me!! :)

Katy said...

i loved reading these monica! :)
OH!!! I love cold sheets too!!!! LOL Glad I am not the only one!!! :)

Hope you are having a wonderful Friday!

mom said...

Dear Monica, I loved reading this list about you -- I didn't learn anything new :) -- but I always appreciate your openness and self-awareness.

I am sorry you have been troubled by bad dreams throughout your life -- that is no fun! I hope that will improve for you and not be an issue with any of your littles.

Love you lots, Mom