Sunday, November 09, 2008

Still Couponing

I haven't mentioned my coupons and deals in quite a while as I have left all that to Crystal. However, since The Farm Chicks mentioned that I'm into coupons and stretching the dollar, I thought I should pop in with a post letting you all know that I'm still doing it and this is a great week to get some good deals on holiday baking items!

I've been waiting for the baking sale at Walgreens - and it is THIS week! Yeah! We hit both Walgreens in town tonight to take advantage of the good sales.

Here's what I did:

* Libby's Pumpkin: sale 0.99/can - limit three
* Borden Sweetened Condensed Milk: sale $1.79 use 0.55 coupon from paper = $1.24; limit three
* Honey Maid Graham Cracker Crust: 2/$3 (not fabulous, I know)
* Blue Bonnet Margarine: 3/$2 - use three 0.50 coupons from paper = 0.52 for three; limit three
* Clabber Girl baking powder or corn starch: 2/$1 - use $1/2 coupon from paper - FREE; limit three (I did this at two stores to use all three of my coupons)
* Betty Crocker frosting: $0.99 sale - 0.50 coupon = 0.49
* Coffee Mate Creamer: 2/$2.49 - two 0.50 coupons = 2/$1.49 (I want to use this for baking: making scones, etc...)
* Quaker Oats: 2/$2.79 - $1/2 coupon = 2/$1.79; limit four

I used my rebate gift card to pay for everything - and have earned so much extra bonus in the past couple of months that I can truly count all of this as free!

We stopped at CVS on the way home and got two Palmolive dish soap. On sale for $1.49 - get $1 Extra Buck back and use 0.25 coupon = 0.24 each!

After using my Walgreens gift card and Extra Bucks at CVS - I came home having spent 0.04 cents cash! I love that!

What great deals have you gotten lately?


Beth said...

I am very excited about this sale as well! Thanks for posting your finds!

Heather said...

What a great paragraph the Farm Chicks wrote about you! Fun to see your good deals, too.

Teri said...

Oh my goodness, Monica you inspire me to stretch my grocery dollars! Thanks for sharing!

Linda said...

Puh.. you americans and your coupons.. *lol* I can only envy you.. we don't 'do' coupons in the netherlands.

We only have certain commercials that'll say '3 for the price of 2' or something of the sort ;)

greetings from holland!

Mary Ann said...

I got 4 baking powders free with coupons and also did the Kellogg's cereal deal which ended up being $1 a box after coupons and register rewards. My store was out of the Domino's sugar and cornstarch. If I get a chance I may go to the other Walgreens in town and check there today. I was excited about the deals this week!

At CVS I got 3 St. Ives Body wash for 99 cents each, several of the dish soap for 49 cents each and Fructis shampoo for 99 cents. I spent more out of pocket than I normally do but these were things we needed and they were a great price. :-)

mom said...

Great deals, Monica! I checked our local ad and coupons -- the brands on sale at Walgreens do not match the recent coupons (for baking powder, Blue Bonnet, etc.) -- so you've received different coupons than we have and got better deals because of it! :) Way to go! Love you, Mom

Wendi said...

I will be planning my Walgreens & CVS trip today. Hopefully there will still be a few things in stock by the time I stop by this evening! I also was very excited to see the Walgreens ad.

fidget said...

nice job! I have yet to do walgreens. I keep looking at the deals and thinking about it but so far Ive stuck to my CVS comfort zone

Elizabeth said...

How do you use coffee creamer in baking? I would love to try that!

noahandlylasmommi said...

wow thats amazing!

Ginger said...

Monica, our Walgreens accepts manufacturer's coupons with their coupons? That's great to know. I'll have to hit them. I have $35 on my gift card.

Wife of Rob said...

Monica...I finally took your advice and really "got into" CVS "extra buck-ing" last week. I know that I'm just getting started, but I got a whole boatload of some great necessity items and ended up with $19.50 in extra bucks....all in less than 20 minutes in CVS. I think I got off to a pretty good start! Now I'm ready to get back in there this week--I can't wait! Thanks for all of your tips!

thehomespunheart said...

Elizabeth: Last winter, I made scones called Winter Spice Scones that called for seasonal flavor of coffee creamer - they were yummy! Another thought I had was to add the creamer to pancake or waffle batter! Yummy!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks so much!!! I found your recipe! That's a great idea!