Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Making Your Home A Haven: Cared For

I hope this week has been a blessing to you in your homes already and I'm excited to see how the rest of the week will continue to bless us and draw us deeper with Him! I was discouraged last night after lots of fussing children near dinner time, but after reading all of your posts was so encouraged at all the effort going into creating Havens for our families. It was a refreshment to my perspective - thank you!

Time with Our Father: This would be a great time to pray over our lists for today, pray for God's blessing on our homes and the homes of the other ladies participating and spend sweet time in fellowship with Him. What thought will you carry with you today from your quiet time?
Lord, You know that we want Your will to be done in our homes. Let us have ears to hear Your voice throughout the day so we will know the way You want us to go! I know that I cannot make my home a haven without Your help - please come and enable me today with a gracious attitude and a loving heart to my precious family. For Your glory - Amen
So far, we've focused on tidying and cleaning - now let's care for our homes beyond the normal pick up and clean up! I don't know about you - but it seems like I always have little projects that need to be taken care of. They likely don't take a lot of time, yet they are things I tend to put off! What is on your list today?

It is always fun to hear what everyone else is having for dinner - what are you serving tonight?

Here's my plan for today:

Up and dressed; sitting at the kitchen table by 7am for Quiet Time
Littles up; fed; dressed
Wax top of china cabinet
Clothes dividers made for closets; all littles clothes organized
Sheets washed and beds made (did our bed yesterday)
Laundry caught up and put away!
Filing caught up and shredding completed

Dinner: Hamburgers and Oven Fries

I would love to hear what you are planning for the day. If you are able or interested - please take before and after pictures and tell us about your day! I'll be posting my update later today on how our day went. Please add your link (directly to your post, please) or comment so we can visit and encourage one another. Let's also be diligent in praying for one another during this week. I look forward to hearing from you!


Lisar said...

Well, I am in again...but completely unsure what I hope to achieve I think I will sleep on it and see what God prompts me to do in the morning...

...they call me mommy... said...

Good Morning! I am up REALLY early this morning...was tossing a goals for today are as follows: keep to my schedule, clean off the top of the refrigerator, and do all the laundry including folding and PUTTING AWAY! Ahh! This is a hard one for me! :-) Happy Caring For!

The Chambers Family said...

Hope you have a great day today Monica!

Elizabeth Sue said...

I really appreciate how you go to God in prayer. No matter is too small for Him. Thanks Monica!

Sarah said...

Hi! Again I want to thank you for challenging us all this week. It's always good to put it out there and be accountable to others who are like minded!

The Happy Housewife said...

Looks like you have a great day planned. Our plans have been thrown off track a bit, but we are still working on it! Hope you have a great day!

Natural Mama said...

My name is also Monica and we have LOTS in common in seems from my reading some of your blog. I have added you to my blog list, I hope that is okay. I really enjoyed reading your blog and came to it from Real Me's blog.

Have a great day and God Bless!
Another Monica
Natural Mama

Rachel said...

Great topic for today! I plan to get some things done that have been neglected!!

ko said...

I'm new to your blog, but love it! :) I am trying so hard to be more organized!!!!!! Thanks for inspiring!!

SmrfChic said...

I'm in for Day 3, and hoping that I can accomplish whatever God has planned for me... I know what I'd LIKE to get done, but I'm letting go and letting God!

Jodie said...

Thank you again for this, Monica! It's been so helpful in my forcing myself to do more than I really feel like doing right now. The Lord has used you to bless me this week, and I'm grateful! Have a great day.

Jelly Sandwich said...

I love that my house is now tidy and clean! This mornig I organized all of our art supplies/school stuff. I am looking forward to an afternoon of making Thanksgiving crafts and watching the trash truck come with my four year old.

Jenn said...

wow, it's amazing, I actually got my post for today up TODAY...LOL because I was able to stay home all day today. Next I've got to work on prepping dinner and then sewing those doggies and coat. =D

Thanks, this is so much more fun and inspiring doing together like this!!

fixedonHim said...

I too shared in a challenging day with you yesterday. :) I am grateful for how the Lord turned it around for good!!

The bathrooms did get cleaned this morning...hooray!

We are going to honor and celebrate my husband's his birthday!

Have a blessed day Monica :)

noahandlylasmommi said...

Today I will be doing what I didnt get done yesterday.. Vaccuming, already did the downstairs :) Now to the upsairs! I also have a few loads of laundry to do. If I have some extra time I am hoping to get my dining room picked up. My kids have completly destroyed it this week! Good luck everyone.

Beth Moore said...

Still plugging away on your challenge! Today was the most difficult so far, but I am still feeling blessed and accomplished. Praying for you and for all of the ladies doing this challenge.

Anonymous said...

I'm really enjoying this week!
P.S. I stole your cheese muffins recipe last night...they were good!

*carrie* said...


Did you get the clothes organized?! And you decided to make your own dividers, huh? Will be interested to hear how that all went.

Trish said...

My heart longs for having a home that's a refuge... sometimes things just don't go as planned... I'll keep trying.

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed "making your home a Haven" so much. Even though I have not taken before pictures and posted about all I have done. You have caused me to do alot of reflecting on how I use my time. There are so many projects that are waiting to be done. I tackled a big one today. It has set there for some time. cleaning my basement. Boxes from moving needed to be broken down. There were boxes that needed to be taken to a local thrift store. Still other things that simply needed up packing and put away. I spent 2 hours after work and picking children up from school. I made a simple dinner. Potato bar, So I put the potatos into bake and got to work. My 3 youngest helped me so much that could not believe that I got it all done. Tomorrow I have my sewing table to set up. Which I am so excieted to get done so I can start my christmas pjs for my children. You inspired me so much. Touching my heart so much so I have taken to reading my scriptures which I have not done for a while. Thank you.

The Chambers Family said...

Hey Monica,

My link was messed up and I fixed it now. I'm sorry!