Thursday, March 06, 2008

Spring Cleaning: Kitchen

I always start with the Kitchen mainly because it is one of the hardest rooms and I like to get it out of the way!

Here is the before photo:

And, here is what I did to clean this room:

* Clear counters
* Dust walls
* Dust ceiling fan
* Clean windows inside/out
* Dust window sills
* Wipe fronts of cabinets
* Clean top of refrigerator
* Clean inside/underneath microwave
* Wipe down all counters
* Clean sink
* Sweep and mop floor (including underneath oven and refrigerator)
* Wipe fronts of dishwasher and oven
* Empty trash and wipe outside of trash can

My Mom helped me clean out the refrigerator while she was here and also set the Oven Clean cycle. And, my sister helped me clear my piles off the counters! So this room was definitely a team effort!

I had washed the rug last week, so did not repeat that this time. Eventually I'd like to wipe out all the cabinets - but that just wasn't happening this time either!

Here is the after:


Anonymous said...

Looks so spring-like, and I can "smell" clean! :-)


*carrie* said...


Great job! I hope the counters stay that way. =)

Also, I thought more about the spring clean, but since we'll be moving soon, I'll save all the "deep" jobs for closer to that time.

MyHeartIsAlwaysHome said...

Great job! I have issues with a pile on my countertop also. I always say never again once I sort it out, but it just keeps coming back!

Katy said...

It looks great Monica :)

Anonymous said...

Good work! :) The finished room looks great -- are those fresh flowers I spy on the counter? Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

Are you for hire?? I really need to jump on this spring cleaning bandwagon, esp. with a new baby coming mid-April. It would be great to bring him/her home to a fresh, clean home.
Maybe this will be the year...

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

It looks just lovely, Monica! Thanks, I needed the inspiration for today's task!

Be blessed,

Kristy Howard said...

Looks lovely- and absolutely clean! Great job, thanks for sharing!

~Kristy @ Homemaker's Cottage