Friday, March 07, 2008

Spring Cleaning: Dining Room

Wow! You ladies are doing great! I'm enjoying seeing the progress going on in your own homes! Keep up the good work!

Is it just me - or has anyone else noticed how much more fun it is to cook in a clean kitchen?!

Yesterday I did the Dining Room...



* Dusted light fixture
* Dusted blinds
* Took drapes down and shook outside; rehung
* Washed window inside/out
* Dusted shelf; cleaned chalkboard
* Cleared clutter
* Wiped off table and chairs
* Swept and mopped floor


Anonymous said...

Wow ~ I'm amazed that you are getting all of this cleaning done with three little ones in the house! Looks great ~ you go, girl! Love you, Mom

Katy said...

It looks fantastic Monica! Great job!! :) I am focusing on my dining room today and may take quite a bit of dusting...LOL

MyHeartIsAlwaysHome said...

Great job! I can't wait to tackle my first project today.

Liisa said...

I agree with your Mom! That is my thought when I read your posts..I can't believe how much you can get done with three wee ones!


Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...


pattisoriginals said...

It looks great!!! Wish I was so far along with my cleaning.

Linda said...

It IS great to cook in a clean kitchen.. only there's this 'little downside' to it..

By the time the meal's finished, the kitchen aint that clean anymore ;)

greetings from the netherlands!

*carrie* said...

The table is gleaming--way to go!