Monday, March 10, 2008

Decorating for Spring: Candle Jar

Knowing how much I love canning jars, a friend passed this jar holder on to me and I stashed it away for a while until I figured out how I wanted to use it. I filled the bottom of a canning jar with robin eggs (not real ones!) and put a small candle holder in the top with a votive. I had a scrap of sheer brown polka-dotted ribbon left and wrapped that around. It is held in place with a small brad.

This looks so cute on the center of our table! I decided (after the photo) to cut a square of black and white toile to put underneath it and it really sets it off nicely.

I end up making these jar and candle holders for so many occasions. Like: Fall, Christmas, birthday, Valentine's Day, to float a flower and more ~ gotta love the versatility of a glass jar!


MyHeartIsAlwaysHome said...

Cute! I use my mason jar candles year round. Currently I have jelly beans in the bottom of mine.

Katy said...

i love it!!! :)

Amy said...

I love the eggs on the bottom- so sweet! What a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Very Cute!! Do you mind sharing where you found the eggs?

thehomespunheart said...

My Mom got me a bag of those eggs - she got them from last spring. I don't think they still have the same ones, but I seem to remember seeing something similar at JoAnn's so maybe a craft store would have something like this too?!

Jennifer said...

Very cute!

kthilly said...

Love your Mason jar ideas! I have pastel jelly beans in mine right now. So sweet! Any ideas for summer Mason jars? Thanks again for your blog, very inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Cute! :) Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

Thanks Monica!!
For kthilly, have you thought about birdseed? I am planning to do that with my jars. I don't actually put a candle holder on top though, I just put a tealight(the kind in metal) in there or any electric tealight. I have also used green peas(?), at least I think thats what they are.

kthilly said...

Thanks for the birdseed idea! I just think these are too cute.

Anonymous said...

Dear Monica:

I took my friend Jeanette Wolf to lunch today at The Tearoom in the Valley (where your Mom & Aunts had my 75th birthday party.) Afterwards we went to a little shop in Kirkwood called "Down By the Station". They had those little robins eggs in a bag. My friend and I each got a bag & plan to put them in a jar like you suggested. I have mine done, already! Thanks for the cute idea!

Love, Grandma