Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Clean Heart - Part Twelve

Does my schedule reflect a clean heart?

What would define a schedule that reflects a clean heart?

* Rightly ordered priorities
* Choosing right things for the right reasons
* Room for God - not over crowded; time for Him to cultivate a clean heart
* Considering what would make me more like God and best for my family and only after that scheduling other things in

So, does my schedule reflect a clean heart? Right now, I would say that answer could vary daily. Since a truly clean heart is one that is in fellowship with God - I would daily be focusing on and choosing the things He has for me. What those things are will vary household by household, but a woman with a clean heart will know if there are things in her schedule that she should let go.

What is in my schedule that needs to go?

What are my motives?

What are my attitudes about these things?

Do they make me more like God or allow me to share Him with others?

* Pray through commitments and add or eliminate based on what God reveals.
* Focus on my motives being pure when I agree to add or subtract something from my schedule.

Other thoughts?


Borbe Bunch said...

Thanks for what you write, all the time you put into it to encourage us other Mamas!
Blessings and glad to have "met" you in bloggyworld!

Anonymous said...

Interesting timing of this post since I have been thinking the past few days about what I can "let go" out of my daily routine. There are some things I need to make time for (exercise, for one!) so something will have to go! Thanks for sharing ~ love you, Mom

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

That is a great post! gives one a lot to think about!

Mrs. Mordecai said...

Thank you for this. I am working on my schedule right now, and this focus on priorities was just what I needed.

Anonymous said...

I need a better routine. It is funny that as I have been thinking this the last few day's that your post would reflect my thoughts. I am going to do some praying about it. I know I don't spend all my time in the best way possible.
Thank you for the uplifting post.

char said...

It is always interesting to work through this problem... because it does change as the seasons change. How to not be self focused in what we think we are able to do.. but also not taking on things that the Lord would not have us to do. Ministering to people (especially our little people and the "big" man in our home) trumps activities any day. :)

Tiffany said...

I don't know if you read comments from your old posts, but I just had to say WOW!!! I so needed this! It's something that we tend to over look many times, but soo true! Thank you!