Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Clean Heart - Part Ten

While it has been a long time since I posted about this topic ~ I have certainly been thinking a lot about it and journaling a lot. So, I have lots more to share on this from what I'm learning/processing on this lately.

I came up with a series of questions to ask myself and to really discern areas that need cleaning. So, I will post one question at a time with what I journaled about it and any actions I hope to pursue to work on these areas.

Here's the first one:

Does my life reflect a clean heart?

Overall, if someone on the outside looking in were to answer this question for me they would probably say, "yes." But, those who are closest to me would likely agree that there are some areas that could use a good cleansing. It reminds me of the verses that describe washing the outside but the inside being filthy and also of 1 Peter 3 speaking about our inner beauty.

So, I guess this invites another question - who is it I really want to be clean for? Those around me, myself, or my Heavenly Father? Ouch. What truly are my motives?

It seems safe to say that as believers, we likely always have areas in our lives that are clean and pure. We also have areas we may struggle on and off with fairly consistently and then we likely have areas we may struggle with only once or twice in a lifetime. It is a good reminder to me that the areas I need to work on are not the same as my neighbors areas and I would be wise not to be judgmental of them since they don't know every detail about me either.

Thought: Jesus is the true example of a clean heart. So when I say, "Does my life reflect a clean heart?" I could also be asking, "Does my life reflect Jesus?"

In comparison with the worldliness around me - I could honestly say, yes - I think it does. But in comparison with who Jesus is - oh, I see so much need for growth and change. And, it is He, after all, I want and need to be clean for.

Lord, in light of the sparkling beauty of Your purity and clean heart - please cultivate a desire in me to emulate this, to allow You to cleanse me and fix my eyes on You and what You think of me rather than on others and their thoughts which hold no eternal value. Now as I consider specific areas - please shine Your light into the corners that are dusty and dirty and let it be Your hand that controls the broom needed to clean them out. Thank You - Amen.

Does your life reflect a clean heart?


Nancy said...

I think it would depend on who you talked with, as you said. I'm sure my family sees way more of my "uncleanness" than the outside world. It is true that Christ is our standard, and it can be quite discouraging to me when I don't measure up to that standard - but I am trying to rest in letting the Holy Spirit grow me on His time schedule, being sensitive to His leading, while being content with where I am on the journey and keeping my focus on the future in eternity with Him, when my heart will be completely clean! Won't it be great when we don't have to struggle with our sinful flesh anymore?!

I have really been enjoying this series! Thank you for your thought provoking posts!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the birth of your precious baby boy....How bless he is to be joining your family....God Bless, Pam, South Bend

Anonymous said...

Amen!!!!Grace towards our neighbors is a beautiful light-HIS light. We never know what is fully going on in some ones heart and life, we may be walking in those shoes one day. And Lord i pray also that your love and light would drive away my dusty parts of my heart. Amen to you to Nancy. It will be great when we struggle no more, to be with Jesus!!! May we walk by HIS grace and allow it to be poured out thru us. Thank you Monica--tammyp