Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Milehimama tagged me to post on six random things - here are the rules:

The meme rules:

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Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
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Let the fun begin!

Hmmm, six random things - here goes:

1. As a child, I had an extreme fear of dogs. I could spot them quite far away and got very skilled at jumping up to my Mom or Dad's waist so they could hold me above the dog. I also have a vague memory of a squealing pig running after me at a fair or something - Mom, did this really happen?

2. Despite braces, teeth pulled and jaw surgery - I didn't have my first cavity until I was in my 20's.

3. Lucky Charms is my favorite cereal and sometimes I am known to eat all of the cereal in my bowl first and leave all the marshmallows for my last few bites - yummy!

4. So far, I have been unsuccessful at learning to drive a stick shift vehicle. Poor David, he has tried to teach me!

5. I was a cheerleader and then coached cheer leading for six years. I have lots of fun memories of the time spent with those young ladies!

6. I was one of my typing teacher's worst students (so she told me) because I could hunt and peck so fast I had a hard time making myself learn the keys. By the end of the year, I could type correctly and when I was working could type 70 words per minute. Somewhere I read that my Memee could type 120 words per minute years ago on a manual typewriter - so 70 isn't really that impressive!

Good grief - it is ridiculous how long it took me to come up with six even remotely interesting things to say! Instead of tagging other people, please share your random facts in the comments - this will be fun!


Angela - Life w/ One Busy Boy said...

I've been sitting here for sometime trying to come up with one random thing about me...it's hard. So here it goes: I enjoy sitting with a blanket on my lap all the time - hot or cold. I guess it's a comfort thing.

Anonymous said...

Hi, honey -- fun to read these things about you. :) As for the squealing pig, he wasn't actually running after you -- but I can see why you thought he was! We were in the animal barn at the county fair and he got out of his pen. He ran right up the aisle where we were walking -- not sure where he was going, just away from his owner! I don't remember seeing if they caught him because you were in my arms trembling with fear. So much for having fun at the fair! Love you lots, Mom

Katy said...

I love all the things you shared! I too was a cheerleader and also did coaching after I graduated! :) How fun! :)

*carrie* said...


I enjoyed reading this list, though I can't say I learned anything. =) Love you!

Anonymous said...

I count the number of letters and add the numbers together until I get a single digit number, preferably the number 7. Do it with numbers also, like the numbers on the alarm clock. Quite odd and mildly annoying to even myself because I can't just look at a billboard, I count in three's until I get to that magic number. Is there anyone else that does that? Am I the only weird one? Do they make drugs for this??? Just kidding about the drug part!!

Oh, and I made fun of the cheerleaders, but they did this little head nodding thing. I am sure you were perfectly normal though...

Crockpot Lady said...

elise! I do that too!
which is weird because I'm horrible at math.

I can't believe your typing teacher said that to you...that's some teacher.

Saralyn said...

I love these things--kinda like that game two truths and a lie, ever played it? Anyway...here's a random childbearing thought in honor of your current situation: I too, am very petite and my easiest delivery was my second child--no drugs and one stitch. However, she weighed over 9 lbs, that was almost 9% of my total pre-pregnancy body weight! Yowzer!

Paige said...

I have a built in TV radar. As a child I could be outside, 5 houses down and tell if my folks had turned on the TV. The thing was that was usually to watch the news which preceded dinner so I knew I had about 30 minutes left to play.
Another thing that comes to mind is that when I was a child playing outside in the summer, I would wait until I saw "the aliens" and then I'd run inside. Turns out we lived about a mile from a car dealership and what I was seeing was the giant moving lights that came from their parking lot, shooting up into the night sky. My mom never understood why I came in the same time each night but as it was dark, she didn't complain.

divajean said...

The Lucky Charms made me laugh. We have a sad tradition at our house of all the marshmellows in the box being eaten mysteriously-- then me yelling for kids to eat the leftover Lucky (no charms!).