Friday, January 11, 2008

Stocking My Freezer - Day Three

Yesterday, I did not have much energy ~ I did do a few things, just because the chicken needed tending and we had twice baked potatoes for dinner, so making a few extra wasn't a big deal. But, I had a lot more on my list that is being put off for another day!

I cut up chicken and onions for fajitas - unfortunately, I forgot to buy green pepper at the store - so will have to add that later! Thanks, Mary Ann, for this idea!

One pan Emily's Chicken:

Twice Baked Potatoes:

Note: Several of the things I've made for my freezer can be done sitting down (which I've done): crumble bacon, chop chicken, scoop out potatoes, etc... FYI!


MyHeartIsAlwaysHome said...

You have been a busy girl this week, no wonder you are running out of energy! Take it easy and enjoy your weekend.

carrie said...

Wish we could send you some of our peppers--we have a whole freezer full from our garden harvest. We just had fajitas the other night. We used onion and peppers from the garden, venison (for Eric that he shot himself) and my homemade seasoning mix. Delicious!

Barbie@ Mamaology said...

All your food looks so good. :) I hope you get some rest today! Praying for you and baby!

Kelly said...

you are getting a lot done! that's great-get some rest this weekend!

Patty said...

My gosh are putting all the rest of us to shame , well, at least me anyway!

Make sure to rest, stop and have a cup of decaf tea and rest a bit. :)

Mrs Lavender said...

Those recipes and pictures look so delicious! Thank you for sharing them.

jen said...

HA! I made chicken and twice baked potatoes for dinner last night!

Rebecca said...

The chicken dish looks so delicious. I can't wait to try it. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Best wishes for you and your family on your blessed arrival.

Anonymous said...


Now here is a dumb question for you (no doubt!) - I have cooked twice baked potatoes before, but never frozen them.

Do you reheat them from frozen or let them thaw first? I haven't frozen any cooked potato dishes before and I wondered if they are ok.



BTW, all of your meals look great! They will be so handy for you when baby is born.

Marsha said...

Alright, now I totally feel like a worm.

Today, after what I consider a pretty hectic week, I ordered Chinese for my husband to pick up on his way home from work. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

HI Monica:

Wow! It doesn't look to me like you are "taking it easy". I know it will be great to have all of these meals prepared in your freezer, but I'm concerned about YOU!

Your meals look DELICIOUS!

Take care, Honey.

I love you, Grandma

melissa said...

wow - I'm so impressed! Your ready-to-go meals look great!

I'm also hoping to do some pre-made freezer meals for when our little one arrives; but not to the extent that you have. Unfortunately, we just don't have the freezer space available.

With what you have made thus far (or total with anything else you'll be making...) many meals do you figure you'll have?

Great job on all your hard work!

Michele said...

I'm guessing less than $2. I can't wait to hear your total! The suspense is killing me! =)

Michele said...

Please disregard the above comment by me! I am sorry, I had two browsers open at the same time and posted this comment to the wrong one. That will teach me not to mulittask!
You sure have been busy! You deserve to take a break! Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow I added you to my favorites!!! I am going to love this site!

Angie said...

Hi Monica! I've never commented, but have tried to keep up with you over the past few months. You are one busy girl! I can't believe how much you get accomplished; it's really quite inspiring! I just wanted to say I LOVE your blog. I've learned a lot from you. I'll comment more often and won't lurk anymore. :)

Rosemary said...

Hello Monica,
I also haven't commented on your blog, but find it so refreshing. Good luck to you and baby. You are so full of energy. God bless you! Hope you get to relax some~Thanks for sharing, I will add you to my favorites. Hugs, Rosemary

Anonymous said...

Thought this may be helpful if you are looking for more meals - though you have been awfully busy!!

I received it in my email this morning.

Please take a moment to actually sit down and relax and rest soon! :o)

Panda-Mom said...

I haven't been over here in awhile and had some time today to do some blog surfing. Let me just say that your blog is soooooo perfect and refreshing to me! I love all your recipes and will try the lasagna and enchiladas soon, but mostly I love your country touches in the decorating. I peeked at the "Avonlea" day and was in heaven! ; ) Just wanted to let you know that you at least brightened ONE person's day in this world. Thanks for sharing. said...

I am DROOLING thanks to you! Looks delicious!

What is your secret to stocking your freezer? My stuff never stays that good, or gets eaten in time.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your ideas with us. Having chronic health issues I deal daily with pain & low-energy. I am going to try and do this more myself when I'm having good days. It's such a practical idea.

Even on a low-energy day you run circles around me. :) You seem like such a sweet giving person. Take good care & may God bless you and your family.

thehomespunheart said...

MandyMom - I am certain I don't know any of the secrets of successful freezing yet! I've wanted to do this for a long time, but haven't done this much before. In the past, when I have a meal or two in the freezer - I just work that into our menu plan for a busy night that I know is coming up. Perhaps keeping a list of what you have in the freezer and then keeping that handy when you do your menu plan would help things to get eaten up in a more timely manner. I find that we eat things faster that have been pre-prepared or prepped in the freezer as I'm always looking for ways to simplify at dinner! Hope that helps!

thehomespunheart said...


I'd guess we're over ten meals with what I've already done. That would be more if I counted cooked and diced chicken ready to go and browned ground beef ready to be made into tacos or something quick.

We do have an extra freezer, which is how I'm able to do this much in advance and store it.

Hope that helps!

thehomespunheart said...

Anonymous: I have never tried freezing twice baked potatoes before either - but will make sure to post an update on how it works. I did not bake mine the second time before freezing, so when they thaw and re-bake, that will be their "twice" bake!

Michelle said...

Just wanted to let you know that I freeze my twice-baked potatoes all the time. They are so much work, but it isn't really much work to do a double batch (my recipe uses 4 potatoes, so a double batch yields me 16 halves.) I usually just put a few 8x8 pans of the halves into my freezer to pull out when I need them.
I usually freeze them without doing the second bake, but occasionally I will also freeze leftover ones I did already bake and then I just have to reheat those in the microwave or oven later. I have some in the freezer that I made extra on Christmas Eve.
All that to say - they freeze well. But mine don't have bacon in them, so that's the only thing I'm not sure of - I wonder how their texture will be. If you aren't crazy about them, you could do them without bacon next time!