Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Clean Heart - Part Six

If you've been following our series on a Clean Heart - you may remember that as we went through all of the references to the word clean, I included a number at the beginning of each line. These numbers correspond to the definitions I'm going to share today. These are the definitions of the words we translate to clean in the NIV Bible.

1: clean; pure; flawless; free from impurity; moral or ceremonial purity as a figurative extension of an object being free from defect or filth.

2: cleanness; purity; by extension: moral or ceremonial innocence, purity, cleanness; "cleanness of teeth" is a sign of lack of food in famine.

3: to be ceremonially clean, purified; to pronounce clean, cleanse, make ceremonially clean, to purify; to cleanse oneself, purify oneself; this can mean moral or ceremonial purity.

4: cleansing; purification; pronouncement of ceremonial cleansing.

5: purity; cleanness; clearness; brightness

6: clean, pure

7: innocent; free of blame; not guilty

8: to be pure, be justified, be acquitted; to keep pure; to make oneself clean, pure; usually referring to moral purity as a superior quality.

9: cleansing; implying cleansing by washing and rubbing

10: to eat, to be eaten; be consumed, be destroyed; to give to eat, feed; from the base meaning of eating food is the figurative extension of consuming and destroying something.

11: to make clean; cleanse; purify

12: to sweep; sweep clean

13: clean, pure, clear of responsibility, innocent

14: to purify, ceremonially cleanse

15: cleanness; purity

Webster's definition: free from dirt and impurities; unsoiled; morally pure; fair and sportsmanlike; neat and tidy; free from flaws; thorough

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Anonymous said...

I am so thankful Jesus stands in our place. Oh for a pure heart that sees God, not clouded, but beautifully clean. Thank you Monica--tammyp