Friday, January 25, 2008

Clean Heart - Part Seven

Now that we've looked at all the references to the use of the word clean and all the definitions, I went through and wrote down themes and thoughts that came to mind as a result of studying what was revealed in all of this. Here are my thoughts - please feel free to add more!

* In the Old Testament, a common theme was distinguishing between clean and unclean animals; regulations for offerings and purification for personal uncleanness.

* I was aware, while reading all of the rules and regulations, of the great care to present God with only things that were clean. For example: clean animals offered on a clean table by a clean priest, etc... And, I notice ~ why don't I take the same efforts and care when presenting myself to Him?

* Benefits of being clean:
~ blessing from God
~ prevent His wrath
~ right with God; enjoy fellowship
~ takes great faith and strengthens our faith and dependence on Him
~ clear conscience; enables us to serve God
~ salvation! eternity spent with Him in perfect cleanness

* Being clean required a willingness to be made clean. Cleansing can only come from God and we are wise to ask Him for it.

* Physical healing is described as being made clean.

* Inner and outer cleansing are vital. Focus on the inner cleansing and be right all around.

* Comes through Jesus' blood and through God's Word.

* John 13:10-11 stood out to me: we receive a full cleansing when we are saved - but we must continue to be cleansed from individual sins.

Any other observations?


Katie said...

Dear Monica,

Thank you so much for this "Clean Heart" series....something I need to do on a daily basis!!

I have been praying for this very thing especially recently, and I really appreciate all of your sincere preparation and insight on all of it.

I just wanted to share some verses that mean so much to me in this regard.

Two verses that I have had posted underneath a neat mirror in my bedroom are: Psalm 139:23-24. Whenever I see that set of verses, it almost always causes me to stop and pray for anything in my heart that I have let fester that is not from God. (The reason I said this mirror was neat was because it actually looks like a window - with a wooden cross through the middle of it - but having it look like a window causes me to think about looking deep into my soul/heart when I look in it, and then I see the cross of Jesus on top of it all. I know a bit deep and maybe a stretch, but it somehow is a neat reminder to me.)

Also, quickly two other sets of verses in regard to a clean heart that have been a challenge to me...

Hebrews 10:19-27 - This set is so powerful to me. It is a reminder that we can enter into the presence of God only by His mercy and wonderful gift through Jesus' blood...and it's also a reminder that we still all are sinners....and we need to continually and fervently seek God's help to not sin, especially in the area of deliberate sin...

Lastly, even though we are still sinners and need much help by God's Holy Spirit and wonderful Word...1 John 1:9 is always a blessing and assurance to me that God is so faithful and true and the perfect and just Heavenly Father anyone could hope for.

Ok...I've said enough...sorry so long, but I wanted to share what I've been thinking in this regard. Your posts have had me thinking about this.

Thank you for your thoughts/remarks in this area.

Praying for a healthy pregnancy and baby for you.


Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

This is absolutely wonderful. What a great 'study' we've been shown!