Friday, January 11, 2008

Clean Heart - Part Four

1: Ezra 6:20 ~ cleansing of the priests for preparing the Passover Lamb
5: Job 17:9 ~ Job is recounting his condition and how he is despised by many. Yet he says those with clean hands will grow stronger.
6: Job 33:9 ~ Elihu repeats that he heard Job say he was pure and without sin; clean and free from guilt yet was experiencing trouble.
3: Job 37:21 ~ When the skies have been cleansed from any clouds; we can not look look directly at the sun. So, with God's purity.
7: Psalm 24:4 ~ Clean and pure before God brings blessing from Him.
3: Psalm 51: 7 ~ Asking God for cleansing.
3: Proverbs 20:9 ~ In our own strength - we cannot keep ourselves pure, clean or without sin; this can only come through God's cleansing.
1: Ecclesiastes 9:2 ~ Everyone (clean and unclean) shares one thing: we all will die.
8: Isaiah 1:16 ~ Our uncleanness hinders our coming to God - first: wash!
1: Isaiah 66:20 ~ Bringing of offerings in ceremonially clean vessels - am I a clean vessel when I worship?
9: Ezekiel 16:4 ~ Before we belong to God - we are unclean; He cleanses.
1: Ezekiel 22:6 ~ It was a sin when certain priests were not teaching a difference between clean and unclean. See Ezekiel 44:23.
3: Ezekiel 24:13 ~ An unwillingness to be cleansed led to God's wrath.
1 and 3: Ezekiel 36:25 ~ God will cleanse His people from idols and all impurities.
1: Ezekiel 44:23 ~ The priest's job is to teach the difference between clean and unclean; holy and common.
10: Amos 7:2 ~ Land stripped clean by locusts.
1: Zechariah 3:5 ~ Clean turban; a picture of our sin being removed and replaced with righteousness.

This completes the Old Testament list. Next time, we'll start the New Testament!


Anonymous said...

A great theme for the new year. Thanks for all your thought and time you are putting in this. tammyp

Joanne said...

I know that the saying, 'Cleanliness is next to godliness' is NOT in the Bible. But the Lord sure does want a clean house, doesn't He?

I pray that I would take that to heart so much more often. Thanks for the scriptures.

Warmly, Joanne

Anonymous said...

How did I stumble across your blog today, along with Dandelion Seeds? I can't remember, but now that I've found you, I will most definitely be back to visit. You have blessed me with your sweetness and encouragement today. I've printed off many pages to be considering in the coming days... it was truly what I needed, and just what I prayed for yesterday. Thanks, and many blessings!