Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Clean Heart - Part Eight

The last point of observation I shared last time prompts a must-ask question: What are the things that come to mind in my life that need the cleansing of God? What is hindering me from a clean heart?

Am I afraid of truly pursuing a clean heart? Why is it really so important that my heart be clean?

I'll start with the last question, "Why is it really so important that my heart be clean?"

Here is what I journaled about this:

The opposite of clean is unclean; dirty; impure. Before God, it is impossible to have a right relationship with Him with a dark heart. I want to be in fellowship with Him. I am reminded of the Wordless Book picture from childhood - black and white pages which describe the black sin of my heart before His cleansing blood and the white and clean which come after His cleansing blood.

Another thought: If I am truly a believer, and Christ lives in me (my heart) ~ what kind of home am I providing for Him there? Is it dirty and cluttered with garbage? An unwelcome home for sure! Does it welcome Him into a place that reflects His character?

Isn't that how we see our homes ~ they say something about us by the things we choose to have in them. How much more - a home for Christ to dwell. When I have company - I want to go all out in making them feel welcome and at home. I do extra cleaning, cooking and preparing. Do I put that kind of care and preparation into my heart?

Lord, today - make me aware of the kind of home You have in my heart. Please open my eyes to the good things and the bad things and allow me to create a more welcome environment for You - with Your help, by Your grace and for Your glory. ~ Amen

I'd love to hear your thoughts - why is it so important for us to have a clean heart?

Next time: Am I afraid of truly pursuing a clean heart?


asnipofgoodness said...

I love your analogy to our homes. As wives and mothers most of us can relate to that on some scale. It is a thought provoking subject. i can't wait to read part nine!
You are still in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Dear Monica,
What hinders me from continually pursuing a clean heart. Well as a busy Mom i can say distractions of my dutys, busyness. That can be, but thinkin about it and searching my heart i think i harden my heart a bit to protect myself from emotional pain. A clean heart can forgive peacefully and quickly and not think wrong thoughts. I know this is what Jesus wants from me. I just fear more pain and heartache waiting in the future. In my foolish heart i think harding will prevent that pain. Not true. And i am to think on what is true. God is true and faithful. I want a lovely place for the Lord to dwell (my heart), i do. Whenever i am afraid i must trust in Him. I guess the dross does not skim off w/o pain. I am so thankful He still loves me and wants so much more for me...praying for you and yours

Katy said...

So true...loved this post Monica. This morning, while singing some praise and worship...i sang the song "sanctuary" along with the CD. I am sure you know how it goes..but it is so true and wonderful. We want to be a pure and holy sanctuary for Him.

Anonymous said...

Dear Monica,
I desire a clean heart to be more like Christ. It is the only way I know to give back to Him for His work on the cross and all God does for me everyday!
Ruth, PA

Anonymous said...

What insight you have! I think it is important to have a clean heart because God has a clean heart and we are told to be like Him. How can we be like Him if we have hearts full of sin and hate? For example: It's hard to forgive others who have hurt us, unless we have clean and pure hearts. Then we know that forgiveness is also for our benefit as well as the one we forgive. We gain wisdom when we seek to be like Him. Lynn Marie

MyHeartIsAlwaysHome said...

Love this series! It really makes me think.