Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Apron and Purse Details, and Other Questions!

Wow - there were so many questions in yesterday's post about the patterns, do I sew at the counter, etc... that I felt I should address them in a post rather than try to answer them in the comments section.

Here goes:

* I usually do sew at the dining room table and especially considering how pregnant I am. When I do need to finish something up and the girls are up - it is a big help to be able to stand in this L-shape of the counter where they cannot get to the cords. I am only five feet tall, so the height is actually quite nice for me. David just happened to catch me when I was standing at the counter - this is not my norm!

* Apron pattern: I took my apron and folded it in half lengthwise and cut around that for a pattern! I added some extra as I was going to add the seam allowance, but did not have an "actual" pattern for it.

* Purse pattern: Oh, dear - here it comes - I freehanded these. I always do. I cut one piece and then use it as a pattern for the rest of the pieces. I knew I should have taken pictures and made a tutorial for this and I will someday - but I can't promise when that will be. To make a purse like this, here is what you would do (beware, this is just me typing out what I do - and not an actual pattern!) :

Pre-wash and dry all fabric so that you know you can wash the item later! And, to prevent any fading or colors bleeding in the future.

Cut a piece of fabric slightly larger than you want your actual purse to be (seam allowance, etc.)
Now, cut another one using the first one as a pattern. Using this same pattern, cut two pieces to be the lining for the inside. Cut two pieces of iron-on interfacing using the same pattern. Now, cut one piece about half the size of the pattern to become the interior pockets.

Cut two wide, long strips to be the handles. Last, cut two pieces that are the same length as the bottom edge of the purse but only a few inches wide to become the bottom of the purse.

Iron interfacing onto lining pieces. Roll hem the top of the piece to become the pocket. Stitch the pocket piece to one piece of lining.

Now, stitch the outer fabric together (if you are doing a ribbon trim somewhere besides the top, you'll want to sew this on first), right sides together. Press seams. Making a triangle at the corners, stitch across and cut. This makes the purse stand upright.

Repeat for the lining.

Press over a small edge on each side of the piece to be the handle. Then, fold in half and press. Stitch to sew enclose all edges. Repeat for other handle.

Put the lining inside the purse and fold down top edges to be even. Pin. Insert handles at this point and a ribbon tie-closure if desired.

Stitch all around the top edge.

Add any desired trims - ribbon or poms. Stitch on.

Cut a piece of cardboard to fit the bottom of the purse. Sew remaining pieces of fabric together (right sides together) on three sides leaving one small edge open. Turn right side out. Insert cardboard. Stitch across open end. Trim with pinking shears. Place piece in bottom.


* Using these patterns: I am always willing for you to use the ideas you find here for yourself. Please don't sell my ideas or try to pretend they are yours. Often, they are not mine and I am always trying to give credit where it is due!

* When is our baby due? The technical answer is February 19th. Now, my history is to have issues with pre-term labor and I haven't ever hit my 37th week in any pregnancy so far. Yes, this could be different, but my doctor and I do not think so!

* How is my friend doing? My friend, Melissa, whom I shared about here is doing great! She is due March 10th and they are expecting a little girl. We are so thankful that she is doing well and continue to praise God for His blessings in their lives!

Thank you for all of your sweet comments and encouragement!


Mary Ann said...

I have cut my own purse and tote bag patterns too. Mine look very similar to yours.:-)I did make paper patterns after the first couple I made so I don't have to measure each time.

carrie said...

Loved all these little tidbits.

You definitely got all the sewing genes! =)

I'm amazed at all you accomplish in a day--good job!

Jenny said...

you inspired me so much yesterday morning when I read about all your sewing.That when my girls got home from school ( 7 & 9 years old) I showed one how to make fudge. The other I showed how to sew. We made a dog bed out of an old twin sheet. I folded it in half, drew a large oval, then let my 9 year old cut it out. Then I let her sew it together on my machine. She is in love with sewing now. We are making all kinds of sewing plans. Night gowns, bags, aprons, curtains.

Amy said...

I'm 5 ft. too and you've got to know how to sew when your 5 ft. Lots of hemming!

Anonymous said...

Your apron is beautiful! I love it. Unfortunately, I can not sew. But I admire your apron and the red purse. Adorable!

Anonymous said...

Lots of info in this post! Great job on all the sewing and baking! Love you, Mom

thehomespunheart said...

Jenny! How fun that you did those things with your girls yesterday! What a treasure they are learning from you!

Jane said...

I didn't realise you were pregnant, you have done very well, where do you get the energy?
Both my girls came early 37 & 33 weeks. My Mum was 5ft 1", I think my youngest may be her size, but the oldest will be tall like me 5ft 9".

StichingSurgeon said...

i think your blog is awesome and so i've tagged you (please don't hate me!) see my blog for details...