Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Doorstop Take Two

I interrupt all the Christmas posting for a practical household project!

Our bedroom door closes if you merely breathe on it, it seems. I've been wanting to make a doorstop for it - but just hadn't settled on what I wanted to do. I wanted something different than this for this time around.

As it happens, when you cannot sleep at 5am and get up to peruse crafty blogs - you will likely come up with a few projects you want to work on! I hadn't let myself browse this site lately because I knew I did not need any more projects right now. But, at 5am - the rest is history.

Here is the lovely tutorial (courtesy of this blog) I came upon for a very cute doorstop and I decided this was the one to make for our door!

And, this is how my doorstop turned out:

I had never machine quilted anything before - so was very pleased that I actually did it and it looks nice! I mixed up the pattern a little bit and did solid on the back and patterns on the front. This enabled me to buy less fabric and the entire project was probably just a little over $3.00 - $2.50 of which was for the four pounds of dried beans!

Initially, I wasn't sure about the handle - but it has come in handy already as David's closet is right behind this door that goes to our room, so it needs to be moved fairly often. Also, the girls think it is a purse and have had tons of fun playing with it in the 24 hours it has been in place. Rachel lugs it behind her (it has 4 lbs of dry beans in it!) and says, "Bye!"

Another thing I did differently, was I did not put a zipper in the bottom of the door stop - I just hand stitched it up and when it needs cleaning, I can use a lint roller and damp rag.


carrie said...


That turned out really cute. I love the fabrics, especially the striped one.

Patty said...

Very cute Monica! I like the way you put the fabrics together!

They wouldn't be girls if they didn't want to play with the little "purse" ! Enjoy all these times!

MyHeartIsAlwaysHome said...

Cute! I just little ones with imagination.

Gena said...

THat is so cute. I also love the way the little ones play with it.

Mrs. Mordecai said...

You're smart to skip the zipper. I can just see the kids unzipping it a bit and leaking beans all over the house.


Anonymous said...

That's got to be the cutest doorstop I've ever seen. Great job!
God bless :)

Amy said...

That is so cute, Monica! You have such great sewing skills!

Katy said...

It looks great!!! YOu did a wonderful job! :)

Jthemilker said...

Fabulous idea. I'm thinking maybe instead of beans I could find something heavy to hide in one of those which would help eliminate clutter and doubly serve it's intended purpose... just an idea.

Mississippi Girl said...

That is precious!!! Great job!
Jennifer R.

Jenn said...

Totally adorable. Love it.

We had a door like that when we lived in an apartment. I think I read somewhere online that if you pull one of the hinge pins out and whack it with a hammer to put a slight bend in it and put it back in that will fix it. We did that trick and it really worked. Thought you might like to hear that trick, just in case the girls make off with their new 'purse'!