Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Psalm 23

Praying Psalm 23 for each one today:

Dear Lord,

You are my Shepherd and I ask that You would lead and guide each one of us today in the way that pleases You. I thank You that because You are our Shepherd, we know that we have everything we need - everything You choose to supply us with. I pray that if someone reading this does not know You as her Shepherd - that You would draw her nearer to You today.

Bring moments of peace, refreshment and restoration to our days, Lord - moments that remind us that You lead us into green pastures and beside quiet waters. Restore our souls, Lord. It is so easy to grow weary and become bogged down in the tasks of our day - please refresh and restore us today.

Lead each of us in the path of righteousness where we will live wholly unto You. And, allow us to do this to bring glory to Your Name, Lord.

Whatever we are walking through today - however dark and hard - thank You for the promise that You are with us and will lead us. You will uphold us and strengthen us. Please be our strength and comfort today.

Thank You for Your many blessings and provisions for us and for our families. Your generous abundance is always before us, teach us to remember to be thankful and remember our great Provider!

Thank You for the confidence that Your love and Your goodness will be with us each and every day of our lives and that when we have received You as our Saviour - we can live with You forever in Heaven.

Your promises are beautiful and altogether trustworthy. Thank You for being our Shepherd - lead us today.



Munkamama said...

Is that a picture of a paddle plant? I saw one at the grocery store yesterday and almost bought it for a friend, but it was more than I wanted to spend and I wasn't sure if it would be hard to take care of...

thehomespunheart said...

True confessions - I'm not sure and it is not a live plant!

Our bedroom does not get much direct sunlight and I've tried unsuccessfully to keep a live plant alive in there - so, finally found one that looks real and I love it!

carrie said...


Thanks for these encouraging words to start my day!

love, c

Ginger@From The Cocoon said...

Thank you so much for the encouraging prayer for the day!! I've heard many people pray scripture and done so myself, but I could feel your heart! Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Monica, We had a service on sunday for a very dear friend who passed at age of 36 and leaves 5 children and her dear hubby. Our pastor read this psalm to us and asks us to personalize it and try to see it as if seeing it for the first time. I appritiate this prayer so much thank you. tammyp

Liisa said...

Thank you for the beautiful prayer.

Mariel said...

What a beautiful post...thank you! your blog is a refreshment and this post was a blessing! I love the Psalms, they so share the interaction of a living relationship with our Lord! Many blessing, Mariel

Anonymous said...

Dear Monica -- what a lovely prayer drawn from Psalm 23 -- it sounds like it was timely for several of us! I was definitely feeling weary and bogged down after a long and trying day at work -- and these words encouraged me!

Thank you -- I love you! Mom