Thursday, November 01, 2007

Mitford Moments

"One of his favorite smells was that of an old hardware store. In fact, it was right up there with the smell of wood smoke, leather-bound books, and leaf mold after a rain." ~ page 47, At Home In Mitford
Favorite smells - hmmm, I love the smell of freshly mown grass, something yummy baking, freshly bathed babies, campfires and fall leaves.

What are your favorite smells?


Leanne said...

cranberry candles,
apple pie,
pumpkin pie (okay...any pie) and the air right after a spring rain.

MyHeartIsAlwaysHome said...

Lets see... freshly cut grass, the clean smell after a good rain, sheets fresh off of the clothes line and fresh baked cookies!

Katie said...

All the ones mentioned are wonderful -

I also love the smell of my babies, baking bread, fresh linens, and for some reason - walking into various coffee stores and smelling freshly brewed cappucinos. :-)

Also - I would like to buy some Mitford Books for Christmas gifts this year - how fast do these read? Should I just start with one book per holiday/birthday or should I get a set right off the bat?

Blessings today,

angela said...

freshly cut grass, bread baking, the woods during autumn, laundry off the clothes line, coffee

picketfencemom said...

Hmmm....definitely sweet smelling straight-out-of-the-bathtub babies, clothes just taken off the clothesline, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin body lotion from BABW, freshly brewed coffee, Home Sweet Home Yankee Candles, and woodsmoke! LOL
This was fun, and I really had to 'noggin' my noodle' this morning...I haven't had my coffee yet! :o)
Amy O. from GA

picketfencemom said...

I meant to say 'noodle my noggin' (ala' Uncle Billy)! LOL Yep...haven't had that coffee yet!

Leah in Iowa said...

Hmmmm... vanilla candles, fresh bread, Clean Linen air spray, PineSol, anything simmering in the crock pot, grapefruit essential oil, and a fire in the fireplace.

Susan P. said...

I absolutely love ALL of the smells that everyone has already mentioned but I have to tell you about my favorite. You know how much I loved my Grammy and Grandaddy, well, I inherited a sideboard from them and everytime I open one of the drawers it smells just like their home did. I can't tell you the feeling of joy and comfort that brings me:o)

Anonymous said...

I love the smell after rain especially after a dry spell. I love the smell of freshly made coffee. Laundry that has been dried outside.

Lee said...

Hi Monica, I have to tell you that visiting your blog is one of the highlights of my morning. I feel refreshed after visiting and like you are a kindred spirit. :)

Susan p. and I must be on the same wavelength. I just inherited a bedroom set from my Grandparents home and just walking by them gives me a little sniff of them. It is a treasure.

Add to that...pumpkin spice candles, coffee brewing, campfire, and my husband after a shower. :) Blessings today.

Mrs. Hurzeler said...

Wood smoke definitely is one of my favorites, baking bread/buns, my husband's cologne called Wings, and snow. I know most people don't think snow has a smell but when you walk outside in Winter there is a great smell. Maybe I am so sappy about snow because I am living in Arizona. LOL.

Anonymous said...

The smell of the coffe shop,
Pumpkin with candle burning inside of it, a spring morning with the dew still on the ground, and mint.

For a great fragrance (next year) try putting cinnamon and a little nutmeg on the inside of your pumpkin lid. As the candle illuminates your pumpkin it will also leave a wonderful aroma on your porch or in your home! mmmmm!

Andrea L.

Christy said...

Our house is on the market and after I completely used up my favorite candle (a wonderful fall-scented candle Megan at Half Pint House gave me), I've been simmering cloves and cinnamon sticks in some water on the stove. Add a fire in the fireplace, some hot Yogi Ginger Tea, and the house smells like a haven. Hmmm, maybe we shouldn't move after all. :-)

Liz said...

My all time favorite smell is new school supplies and the library! Can't you tell I'm a teacher!!! Grin!

Although my freshly bathed little ones are a pretty wonderful scent too!

Carrie said...

I love the smell of burning leaves, even though it gives me horrible sinus/allergy fits. And the smell of coffee. It doesn't get any better than that.
God bless :)

jen said...

I love the smell of lemons, because my Great Grandma had a lemon tree in her front yard. Whenever I slice a lemon, I think of playing in her yard as a little girl.

jayedee said...

puppy breath, sage and citrus candles, my babies, anythink baking in the oven, the air after a good cleansing rain, lavender, lemon and olive oil furniture polish, cinnamon anything, my husband and woodsmoke!

Rebecca said...

Rain on city streets
Clean baby heads
My husband after working in the yard
Salty ocean air
Mountain breezes
Pine trees at Christmas

Mary Ann said...

Vanilla, Aspen cologne, bread baking, any apple cider/cinnamon spice type smell, milk and honey soap(I can't stop sniffing my hands after I use it!LOL!!!).

Ruth said...

I love the same smells you mentioned. I also love anything baking and cinnamon, fresh coffee, and clean, fresh laundry from the line.

Paige said...

These are good smellsmentioned so far. In addition I'd say I love the salty vinegar smell of my boys after a long hard nap. The smell of dirt in their hair after they've been outside playing. The smell of Scotts neck first thing in the morning. Trapp mediteranean fig candles and room spray. Patchouli oil mixed with almond oil rubbed on my arms before bedtime. Fresh baked biscuits (maryjanes biscuit mix of course!).

Anonymous said...

Hi, Monica -- so many of us love the same smells! Campfires, clean babies, fresh-from-the-clothesline laundry, coffee, the air just after rain, and vanilla. :)

I also love Chanel No. 5!

Love you, Mom

thehomespunheart said...

Oooh - you all reminded me of more smells that I love too! Yummy!

Katie - the Mitford books are fairly quick reading - but the anticipation of looking forward to the next one may be worth doing one at a time! Anyone else care to comment on this?

I loved the ones that talked about your furniture reminding you of loved ones and I know that Chanel No. 5 will forever remind me of my Mom!

Mrs. Hurzeler: I also love the crisp smell of winter and snow! Yes - it does have its own smell!

Andrea - I absolutely LOVED your idea of scenting the pumpkin lid and am only sad that I missed doing it this year! I can't wait to do it next year! :)

Christy - I've had some of those candles too - yummy!

Diane @ A Watered Garden said...

"camping smells", campfires, leaves...anything "fall", Yankee Spiced Pumpkin candles, fresh baked bread...or anything baked!

Carrie said...

Hi Monica, I am here via, your sisters site..The Mitford books takes me to another place, another time, and I love that...
I love the smell of my husband making apple fritters (right now!)
fires in the fireplace, my newborn babies breath, Beautiful perfume, fresh lime, oh wow, I could go on and on! This was a great idea!

Anonymous said...

What a great treasure our sense of smell is! I say this because for the past year due to a cold virus I have lost this precious 'touchstone' with my surroundings and never honestly realized the gift or the lifesaving importance of being able to take in the pleasure of 'scent'. Along with this 'bump' of loss comes the loss of taste as these two senses go hand in hand. Monica when I read your question this night I skipped over to this little reply spot as I was grateful to reminisce at the joy of cut grass, Christmas trees, babies, hot coffee, a freshly cleaned home, my husband's cologned neck, rain, and my list becomes endless........but, for this tiny moment Monica you brought me back to remembering all the beauty most take for granted....I assuredly know that I didn't realize what a miracle I possessed until it was gone......... God Bless you for such a tenderly cared for blog Monica; it is such a soother to sit awhile and enjoy your lovely!