Thursday, November 01, 2007

"He Counts the Stars..." Plate

Several of you asked for directions on making this plate when I posted the idea recently. Unfortunately, I made this at a pottery painting studio - you go in and choose your piece of pottery, use their paints and they fire and glaze it for you.

Here is a link that provides information on painting and baking your own plate at home.


carrie said...

I remember you making that plate--so glad it's been part of some special memories!

Molly said...

Thanks for the link!

mer said...

I love your plate! Can I copy your idea someday??

One of my friends painted a set of "character" plates...courage, compassion, humility, etc, and whenever she observed her one of her children demonstrating a particular trait she'd serve them dinner on the corresponding plate, and tie it into a mealtime discussion/devotional. I love that idea! I probably won't spend the $$ to paint my own at the pottery place, but I think I could come up with a creative alternative!