Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Giving Thanks: T-Z

I'm struggling to write this post - some of these are hard letters! I can't wait to hear your ideas and I'm sure I'll think of more throughout the day!

T: time

U: utilities!

V: vacuum

W: weather
Word of God

X: x-rays (if I ever need one - I will be thankful for them!)

Y: I need help on this one! :)

Z: zoo (Emily loves them!)


Liisa said...

T - Toddlers
U - Useful....a bit a of a stretch but I am thankful that I feel useful!
V - Victory in Jesus
W - wonder of God's Creation and my Dad Wayne
X - this one is tough
Y - You!
Z - zebras


Anonymous said...

Yellow!! Yes ma'am!! Your turn!!
Yesterday!! Yummies!!

Anonymous said...

Y = yogurt

Angela said...

Youth! Yams! Yo-yo's! :)

Rebecca said...

Y - Yahweh! Yummy food! :)

Teri in CO said...

Y - yarn for warm cozy afghans, scarves, hats and mittens!

Teri in CO

Katy said...

X~ Xavier...my son LOL
Z~ zippers...LOL...they are quite a blessing if you think about it!!! :)

Angela said...

I have enjoyed this so much, I have linked to your blog on mine and I listed on whole list on my blog, Hope you don't mind.

T-The telephone (where I'm sure I'm on too much), I have shared so many things on the telphone with good friends and family, so many times I have been so excited to just pick it up to share good news or to just reach out to someone in the midst of hearbreak.

U-umbrella, my sister in law bought me a huge one with polka dots last year because I wanted one my whole family would fit under. I LOVE it!

V-my van, a gift from my inlaws in 2004 and what a gift it was. It has taken our family on vacations, trips around town, dr. visits, grocery shopping, christmas light seeing and all kinds of other places.

W-The Word, my manual and map for life. I would not know what to do without it, I'm thanful I live in a country I can carry it freely and do not have to hide it, may it always be so!

X-xmas, I hate to use that word for Christmas but I'm desperate for an X word. Thank you God for sending your son that wonderful night, what a sacrifice-we could never repay you! How blessed I am to know HIM as saviour.

Y- My yard is large and fenced in. I love sitting in my swing under the tree and watching my children play or my 90pound lab run around. My dh built the kids a huge swingset last year and its so much fun even for me.

Z-Zach, my middle child who is full of life and spunk. He is full of emotion and when he is excited he gets the whole house excited. He is mommas boy all the way. He loves, I mean LOVES cars and trucks and has overcame so many obstacles (late talker, etc) I can't believe how he is maturing. Love you little man!


howiesgal said...

Yoke. "My yoke is easy and my birden is light"!

Tami said...

Y - Yarn!! yards, yawning (I think there is something so precious about little mouths yawning)

Anonymous said...

Yellow gerber daisies
Young people
Yakkity 3 year olds!

And more I am sure!!

Saralyn said...

X--the Greek letter chi, used as an early abreviation or symbol for Christ. My college sorority was Chi Alpha Omega--Christ the Begining and the End.

Y--yodeling? I guess I'm glad no one in my home does it!

Z--Zapp (my Grandma's last name)

Anonymous said...


You & your friends have done a great job on this!
My first thought on Y was YOU!
Also Yahweh. (Which I see some of your fellow bloggers beat me to these!)
How about Xylophones for X ? (They do add music to the orchestra!)

What a wonderful way to celebrate Thanksgiving!

Love you, Grandma

Linda said...

Y for Yeshua?
(Jesus' *real* name)

melissa said...

y - years to remember and anticipate