Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Deals of the Week

This week was a very different kind of good deal week - keep reading, I'll explain!

Rite Aid:
* Bic Comfort 3 razors: $3.50 - $1.50 mfr. coupon (yesterday's paper) and $2.00 rebate = FREE

* Goody's Pain Relief: $1.49 - $1.49 Extra Bucks = FREE

** I had some Extra Bucks expiring today (can't let that happen!) so I wanted to maximize them to get the best deals I could for my dollars. Here is what I did:

- Purchase 2 bags Holiday M&M's: 2/$5
- Purchase 4 Ziploc twist & seal container packs: 2/$5
- Use 2 $1.50/1 coupons on the Ziploc containers
- Use a $2/$10 CVS coupon
- Use up some Bucks expiring
Total Due: 0.05! And, I got $2 in Extra Bucks back on my receipt from the M&M's!

* DayQuil and NyQuil on sale for $3.99 each. Buy 3 and get $6 in Register Rewards. Use 0.55 mfr. coupons in yesterday's paper and get all three for only $1.62 each!
* Betty Crocker frosting: 0.99 sale price - 0.50 mfr. coupon = 0.49

** Similar to CVS, I had LOTS of Rewards to use up this week. I had four $6 rebate coupons. Only one could be used per transaction - so I carefully planned out five transactions to get the most out of my dollars. The fifth transaction was using all my mfr. coupons as they are particular about you using coupons and the Register Rewards together.

Order One:
- 4 Nabisco Graham Cracker Crusts: 2/$1.99 = $3.98
- 3 Baking Soda: 2/$1 = $1.50
- 1 bag marshmallows: 0.79
Total: 6.27 - $6.00 Register Rewards = 0.27

Order Two:
- This one I had to use differently because they didn't have the items I wanted, so I'll spare you all the details!

Order Three:
- 4 cans Libby's pumpkin: 0.89 each = 3.56
- 2 cans Eagle Sweetened Condensed Milk: 1.69 each = 3.38
Total: $6.94 - $6.00 Register Rewards = 0.94

Order Four:
- 4 boxes Kleenex: 2/$1.99 sale price = $3.98
- 1 pair ladies tights: $1.99
- 1 baking soda: 0.50
Total: $6.47 - $6.00 = 0.47

Other Deals:
- Pampers are on sale for $8.99 and they frequently print out $3 coupons at the register which I used today. Not a fabulous deal - but worth checking into.
- Cascade: 2/$5 for 12 count action pacs: use 2 $1/1 mfr. coupons from yesterday's paper to make this 2/$3 - I've never bought these packs before - is this a good deal?
- Select General Mills cereals on sale for $1.99 - use a $1 off two coupon for a better deal

Any other deals out there this week? Here are other lists you can check for CVS and Walgreens. Note: I often cannot get these coupons as we aren't willing to download the coupon printer since they install things on your machine to watch where you visit and track patterns, etc... Just take this into consideration before you download things online!


Christi said...

I am always amazed at your deals... I sure wish I had a Walgreens or CVS nearby.

Timalee said...

I am going to stock up on the baking supplies too, their prices are cheaper this week than the "bake sale" prices at the grocery store!

elizabeth said...

New reader here...found you via Crystal's blogs. I have a question...how can you tell before purchasing an item at Walgreen's that it will net you registar rewards? Is there someplace it is noted in the ads? Or is this just a way of stating that you will be rebated when you send in for them?

thehomespunheart said...

Elizabeth - the Register Rewards are advertised in the ad usually. Once in a while I find out about one through reading it on another blog or even getting an "ad" for it on my checkout receipt that prints out. Most often, you will see it in the ad as the price will be listed and then it will show a little graphic that says "Register Rewards" I think the lettering is red. It is not a rebate. It is an immediate reward you get at the end of your purchase.

If you are in Walgreens before the end of this week - pick up their ad and look for the Vicks DayQuil and NyQuil offer. You'll see how it lists the Register Rewards across the top.

You can also view the ad online at www.walgreens.com.

I hope this helps!

elizabeth said...

Thanks, it did help! I just noticed yesterday that place in this week's flyer. I will watch for other places you have mentioned as well!!