Thursday, November 08, 2007

Giving Thanks: Beauty

Beauty ~ it takes all shapes and forms and surrounds us in so many ways. God's marvelous handiwork on display all around for us to appreciate, admire and return as praise to Him!

What "B" things are you thankful for?


Ginger@From The Cocoon said...

Brokenness--it's in the broken places that God does the most amazing works!

Susan P. said...

My Miss "Bonnie!" :o)

Liisa said...

Our last name starts with B so I am thankful for my family. They fill my life with joy!

Paige said...

BOYS, mainly mine.
Bread, and the smell it puts in the house when I've just baked it.
Books, kids books, how to books, the Bible most of all!
Best friends, my darling husband of course holds the #1 spot.
Boots, great on cold days like today!
Bee's, they make HONEY which we eat by the gallon every month.
Bobby Hardison, a nice elder at my church who's wanting to GIVE us his fireplace insert!!
That's it. I'm all tapped out of ideas.

Angela R said...

Bible- Without it we would be lost! The Word of God (it doesn't get better then that)

Angela R

Anonymous said...

Hi, Monica -- I have my list up (printed from your file) and these are the things we currently have written under "B" --


Love you, Mom

Elizabeth - Scrappygolden said...

B is easy for me - my first grandbaby is named Brooklyn and I'm very thankful for the joy she's brought to us.

Babies in general, for their sweetness and the promise of life that they bring us.

I asked the girls around me at work and one immediately said Bacon! LOL!

And I agree - Blogs! I have learned so much from visiting blogs. Some make me think, some make me laugh, some bring a smile to my face.

Above all, the Bible. God's promises and answers are all contained there for us, if only we just look.

Molly said...

The Bible, the BIGNESS of my God, and the baby in my tummy due to arrive in about 6 weeks! :)

Anonymous said...

I am so very thankful for my WONDERFUL husband, Brian!!!


Katie said...

Great comments by all!!

My list would have to be:
our Holy Bible!!
my Beloved hubby!
my beautiful Babies!
our daily Bread!

I love this idea and thanks for sharing! We have "themed" homeschooled days at our house and today is "Thankful Thursday" so this fit in wonderfully!


Anonymous said...

Here's my B list:


Love, Grandma

pogren said...

I am thankful....because He lives...I can face tomorrow....Pam, South Bend

Heather said...

Blog- yes!
Bible- yes!
Brokenness- yes!

Such good ideas!

And my little Beth!
And Baths! So glad we can take them so easily, after reading about the trip on the Mayflower recently :)

Susan said...

My B list:
My Baby Boy
Bible, God's encouragement to us
Being in Germany
Being my hubby's wife
and Being me.

Christi said...

I am thankful for Boys - I love mine both so much!