Thursday, October 11, 2007

Rebate Questions

Several of you have written wanting to know where I get information on the rebates I post each week. I decided to put this in a post to direct inquiries to instead of answering each one separately.

The short answer is: it varies how I learn of these rebates.

The long answer follows:

* The weekly ad is a great source of finding out about rebates and sales (and a combination thereof) available for the coming week. Ads are available in the front of the store or by visiting here.

* Monthly Easy Saver Rebate Catalogs are also available in the front of the store or can be downloaded here. These list all the rebates coming up for the month. What you don't always know is when an item will be featured on sale and end up being a better deal.

Eckerd/Rite Aid:
* I rely mostly on the weekly ad for finding out about the rebates here. They do publish a monthly list of all the rebates for that month - but I find it easier to sift through the ad. Both are available at the front of the store or by clicking here for the ad and here for rebates.

* I also rely mostly on the weekly ad for deals featured here. They do publish a monthly catalog of Extra Buck reward opportunities and both the ad and monthly catalogs can be found at the front of the store. CVS weekly ad can be found here I could not find their monthly catalog available on-line.

* The coupon sections that come in the Sunday paper are an invaluable source of savings! I often find mail-in-rebates or coupons for free items just right here. But, even smaller coupons when combined with sales and rebates can help you make money off of shopping!

* Usually, I go through all the coupons that came in the Sunday paper first and clip out as many as I want. Then, I go through the ads with a fresh perspective on what I have coupons for. This helps me to find better deals sometimes that I might not have otherwise remembered about.

Note: I keep an Excel spread sheet of all my rebates that are in process. I know when I sent it, where it was mailed and how much the rebate should be for. When it arrives, I can simply mark the date it arrived and I will know that rebate is complete.

Have something to add? Still have a question? I hope this helps - but leave comments and questions here and I'll add to this as needed.


Timalee said...

What a timely post! I was actually going to you an email today asking this very question! Thanks so much for inspiring me to try to save some cash (and shop somewhere other than Walmart!)

Blair Family. said...

This is great! Thank you so much. I am excited to start saving!