Friday, October 26, 2007

Fire Truck starts with "F"

We've been trying to do one activity that starts with each letter of the alphabet starting this Fall and are up to the Letter "F". Our friend, Mr. Brian (my friend Melissa's husband) is a firefighter and graciously allowed us to come and visit!

Rachel gets to "drive" the truck!

Emily's turn to "drive" - this is fun!

Wow - this truck is BIG up close! The two little ladies have fun standing up on the ledge at the front of the truck!

Emily and Mr. Brian!

Mr. Brian put all of his gear on so Emily would see what it would look like if someone ever came to help her in a fire and so that she would not be scared. I thought this was such a great idea and had not realized how intimidating it would seem to a small child. This was great because it was someone she knew - though, she did get very uncertain about all of these gadgets. Mr. Brian taught her that when she sees someone dressed like that she should say, "Here I am, come get me." So that it will help a firefighter find her in case of a fire.

She did warm up a little in the end when he took the oxygen mask off and gave him a big hug!

Thank you, Mr. Brian! We had fun!


carrie said...


I loved seeing these photos! My absolute Favorite is the one of both girls on the Front part of the truck. Such Fun times!

Another Funny thing is that Brian looks like a Friend of mine named Brian!

snarflemarfle said...

What a great idea!

And I know that this is not necessarily the reaction that you wanted from the post, but I teared up at the end when you wrote about Mr. Brian dressing in his firefighter suit so they wouldn't be scared...and to say, "Here I am. Come get me."

Wow. Must be pregnancy hormones...

Katy said...

That is fantastic! What a wonderful time for your girls to learn all that! Love all the pics! :)

MyHeartIsAlwaysHome said...

Not only educational, but fun, fun, fun!

kimi said...

aren't fireman the best! what a great lesson for the girls! I'm tearing up too just thinking of scared kids running from the men and women who go in to help them! We just spent some time at a firestation too and worked on our family escape plan! You should do one, it was a great dialogue to have with the kiddo!

Amy said...

These are great! My son adores going to the fire station and we have another day of that planned for a Christmas activity to drop off some treats to the firefighters. Your children look as lit up as Ethan did on that day. Thanks for sharing the cute pictures!

Anonymous said...

Dear Monica:
What a GREAT idea! I would never have thought of such a thing when your mother & aunts were little girls!! But it makes such good sense to familiarize them with someone who might looky "scary" but is actually meant to help them, when in distress. Just today I heard a lady give a testimony about her family experiences...and told about having a fire at their house. I will share more about this with you when we talk.
I LOVED seeing the pics of the girls.

Anonymous said...

What an opportunity to learn about emergency helpers! I hadn't thought about how scary someone could look all suited up in their protective gear -- I hope Emily never needs to be rescued, but if she does, this lesson from someone she knows and trusts could make a big difference!
Love all of you, Mom

Liisa said...

You have inspired me to see if I can organize a visit to our fire station for the little ones. We have a few friends that are volunteer firefighters and I will make a point of talking to them about it.