Monday, October 22, 2007

Commitment to Loveliness

I am often so compelled to participate when I read these posts over at Charming the Birds From the Trees and decided to jump in and start! She suggests that you simply choose five things that will increase loveliness in your life this week.

Here is my list:

1. Begin working on my Christmas countdown. (more on this later in the week)

2. Clean up the piles on my kitchen counter and closet floors!

3. Establish and keep a prayer time.

4. Make Pumpkin Butter and can it for gift-giving this Christmas season!

5. Do something special for David this week to encourage and build him up.

If you would like to join, please visit the above link!


Ruth said...

Thank you for sharing this.
Your Harvest Party looks like it went great.
I love the story about the rainbow. Isn't awesome to consider how much God loves us and how He cares for us.

A Dusty Frame said...

How do you can pumpkin butter?
I was looking up information on it online last week and it said not to can it.


Sara said...

Hello, I just wandered over here from the Commitment to Loveliness link at Emma's.

Have a couple of questions...

How do yu can pumpkin butter???


On the top of your blog you have what looks like a jar with a candle in it? Is that a canning jar?

Liked your 5 for this week...

thehomespunheart said...

Well - thanks for the heads up on the pumpkin butter! I have read conflicting info - so have written the people at Ball canning jars to ask their advice.

The photo on the top of my blog is an istock photo - so I can't be completely sure if it is a canning jar or not - but I would doubt it purely because of its size and appearance.

Katie said...

I've participated in this before as well....trying to think of my five for this week. I don't know if you are interested, by I'm starting a weekly prayer request on my blog for the military, and calling it "Military Monday" - Prayer for our Troops. I'm not a huge blogger, but I thought if anything comes from my blog, it's worth having if I can help increase prayers for the military men and women serving us. Just wanted to share.

Also - cute party pics!! You are so creative!


Kristen said...

I just love blogland... I stumbled across your blog from, well I don't quite remember now... but it's just lovely!

I look forward to visiting again!