Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Autumn Lunch Alfresco

Saturday was a lovely afternoon and perfect for our plan to enjoy lunch on the porch! I set up a round card table and put out a pretty tablecloth. I carved a spot in a mini decorative pumpkin for a tea light candle and that made a pretty centerpiece!

Vintage ice cream containers were filled with mini pumpkins and ivy for take-home goodies. I made the place cards out of a piece of scrapbook paper cut and folded in half. I stitched the name of the guest on a piece of felt and attached with mini brads!

Lunch included cheddar scones made into ham sandwiches, sliced apple and creamy potato cheese soup!

What a treat to have two such dear friends at my table at the same time! Melissa, Grace and I enjoy a relaxing lunch!

After lunch, we went to the 2008 Country Living House of the Year! I wasn't allowed to post pictures from inside since they will be in the Feb. 2008 issue - but be watching for the laundry room and sitting room/library! Those were our favorite spots!

Cupcakes were waiting for us when we got home! A tasty treat!

Next we glittered our pumpkins! We painted the stems brown first.

Pumpkins before!

Oooh! Look at the sparkling glitter! We agreed that this glitter felt luxurious! And, a little goes a long way - we each have enough glitter to last a long time!

I put my three pumpkins on top of the cabinet here - I love how they catch the light and sparkle!

I brought the mini pumpkin inside and used it for our centerpiece at dinner as well, perched on this pedestal candle holder, it looked so charming!


Liisa said...

What beautiful ideas! Thank you for sharing them. I especially love the lunch ideas. Using a tea cup for soup is so pretty and fits so nicely on the plate I also love the idea of using a cheddar scone for a ham sandwich. It just makes it so special. The whole table was so beautiful!

Jenn @ Frugal Upstate said...

How fun-you have lucky friends.

I really like how the glitter pumpkins turned out. I might try it next year with some of those reusable ones from the craft store-that way I can keep them for next year. . . then again if I grow pumpkins in the garden I might use fresh. . .

thehomespunheart said...

Jenn - yes, these were also the reusable pumpkins so that we can keep them from year to year!

Missy said...

How lovely! Could you share the potato-cheese soup recipe, please? We are giving a dinner for my husband's coworkers in December and I have almost decided on a homey supper of soups and breads. I think that one would be a nice compliment to the southwestern chicken soup I am already planning.

I love the decorations, both the ones you made yourself and with your guests.

picketfencemom said...

What a delightful luncheon! I can tell that much care went into the preparations, and I know you all had a wonderful time. The meal looks delicious...I must try those scones!
Little details make a big difference! Everything looks great!
Thanks for sharing,
Amy O. from GA

carrie said...


Looks like you had a wonderful time together. You prepared a beautiful table as always.

I loved seeing your hutch and all that was displayed there. Since I haven't seen it in person (yet!), I forget it's there.

Katy said...

oh, i love everything!! It looks fantastic! You did such a wonderful job with everything! :)

Grace said...

Yay the pictures look great on your blog! We had such fun and I was so glad to finally meet Melissa. I couldn't have had a more enjoyable time Monica. (minus Brianna's outbursts ;) ) I can't wait to get together again. I miss you my friend!

Tracy said...

I'm constantly amazed at your wonderful ideas, and your ability to make others feel special!

howiesgal said...

Hi Monica~
I have been reading and enjoying your blog for quite some time now. I just wanted to let you know how much you have inspired me to be more frugal and to make my home and life more beautiful with the frugality! Thank you so much for all that you share. Oh, I wish I lived closer and was a dear friend so that I could enjoy some of these beautiful things that you do. I guess that I will just have to start doing them for my friends so that I can enjoy them :o)

sherri said...

Truly lovely - as all your endeavors are. Where did you get the mini pumpkins? They are charming.

Anonymous said...

That table setting is beautiful and the food looks delicious!! I will have to glitter some pumpkins...they look so pretty!
Would you post your recipe for the soup?
Thanks!! Elise

MyHeartIsAlwaysHome said...

Looks like you had a great time! I love that you went to view the home together. I need to do that. I am sure you come away with some wonderful ideas.

I really like the cabinet where you displayed your pumpkins. I will be keeping my eyes open for a cabinet like that. I have the perfect spot for it!

Glad you had a nice day!

Rebecca said...

What a fun day! I imagine that lunch, time away, and crafting with friends was incredibly refreshing to a mom of young children. Well-done!

kimi said...

so smart to do the brown first, I wouldn't have thought of that! You amaze me all the time! What great ideas and beautiful touches. you inspire me!

Jamee said...

I love the pumpkins. did you use a special kind of glitter?

Kellie said...

So inspiring and so beautiful!
Your blog is lovely and I really appreciate the fact that you share frugal living tips without forgetting that so many of us care about our homes and entertaining. Thank you!

Ruth said...

What an absolutely beautiful lunch. The way you arranged everything is perfect. I love how you prepare such wonderful things but yet remain frugal. I need to pinch as many pennies as I can. Thank you for all the wonderful ideas.
I was wondering if you have frugal tips for crafters. Like where to purchase the things you use, inexpensively. I would love to hear them. What kind of glitter did you use for the pumpkins? They came out wonderful and not at all to much. KWIM?

thehomespunheart said...

~C: thank you so much! I'm thrilled you're finding some good and frugal ideas for making life beautiful and enjoyable!

For those of you who asked about the glitter - it was the Martha Stewart glitter kit available at Michael's right now. I used a 50% off coupon which made it $7.50. If you have a couple of friends doing it, you could split it even further.

On the pumpkins - the teeny ones were 0.97 in the craft department at Wal-Mart. The next small ones were 50% off at Michael's - I think about $3.50 each and the large one was also from Michael's for 50% off.

Potato soup recipe will be up tomorrow!!! I had originally intended to include it in this post, but ran out of time!

Ruth - most of the craft supplies I use are acquired frugally at either Wal-Mart craft department, something someone gave me or on sale or with a coupon at Michael's. I am not into using expensive supplies! :) By the way, I'm sorry I have no idea what KWIM? means! :)

Thanks for all the great comments, ladies!

Ruth said...

KWIM means know what I mean. I usually purchase my craft supplies the way you do. I had to google it to know what it meant.
I found out that the Michaels here will let you use their coupon as well as a competitor's coupon at the same time. I thought that was great.

Carrie said...

Looks like fun was had by all! Love the glitter pumpkins, very festive!
God bless :)

thehomespunheart said...

Yes! I've also discovered that Michael's will allow you to use one of their coupons and one coupon from a competitor in the same transaction!

Joy@Joy in the Journey said...

You have such a God given knack for making things beautiful! Thank you for being you!! I am sure your sweet friends were blessed.

The Lucky One said...

How beautiful! May I just call you Martha! Honestly, you are talented. And I love your style. Thanks for sharing your good time. Makes me just want to join right in. ;) God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Monica, what a lovely day you prepared for your friends -- I have never seen pictures in a magazine that were prettier than your luncheon and decorations. Happy Autumn! Love you, Mom

nannykim said...

Beautiful and fun--we have trouble , big time, if we eat outside without screens--DO YOU HAVE THIS PROBLEM WITH FLIES--HOW DO YOU SOLVE IT--WISH YOU WOULD TELL ME (AT MY POST!!!) I WOULD LOVE TO EAT OUTSIDE MORE!!

Susan P. said...

I just loved all the thoughtful details you put into hosting this autumn luncheon for your friends! You have such a gift of making even the tiniest of details so special. I know your friends felt greatly blessed!

Daughter of the King said...

Simply beautiful and elegant at the same time..