Thursday, September 06, 2007

Free Toys!

Remember long ago, when I got a tool bench on clearance at Target with my Discover Card Bonus? Well, several months later there was a recall on the nails used in the tool bench. I sent them back to the company and they sent me a $50 gift card to be used on any Hasbro toys.

I decided to donate the tool bench to our church for nursery play and pick out the above toys for future gift-giving in our family. I had to add $2.90 for shipping, but got a Lite Brite, My Little Pony Lite Brite refill pages, a Spiro-Graph, and TinkerToys. All for the investment of some of my bonus money. In the end, all of this was free! I am so thrilled! I love the way God provides for us so creatively!


Mary Ann said...

Well done! I agree that God is so creative when it comes to providing for His children!

I'm sure there will be some happy recipients of these very nice toys!

Anonymous said...

I remember those toys in some form or another from childhood. Didn't even know they made Light-Brites(sp-?) anymore. That is awesome that you got to save money on gifts. I keep hoping my little boy's train table and stuff will be recalled. I know that is horrible but it is huge and takes up so much space-also, it is not a Thomas so I have heard of no recalls yet...
I so love your blog. Elise