Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Autumn Treat!

Because I was sick all weekend, David took the girls and did some shopping for me. Look at the special surprise he brought me!

Emily was so excited to show me the "punkin" they got for me! I love having a pumpkin on our porch all through the Fall season! And, this is one is so cute!

Here's a little poem I wrote for the First Day of Autumn last year:

Watch as the leaves gently fall down
Red, orange, gold and even brown.
Pumpkins, corn and apples too
A sign that summer now is through.
The colors, the smells, the cooling weather,
A cozy home - there's nothing better!
This is the season for giving thanks
For great bounty, we celebrate.
Cider, soup or a pie in the oven,
This wonderful season, we call Autumn!


Michelle said...

Aw, they chose such a nice pumpkin! I really like your poem, too.

Have a great day!

Mary Ann said...

I love the pumpkin. How sweet of them to get that for you! I picked up a mum this weekend for my porch. I love the look of fall!

carrie said...


What a thoughtful gift!

MyHeartIsAlwaysHome said...

Wonderful poem!

The pumpkin was such a sweet and thougtful gift.

Paige said...

so what were you sick w/ this last week? was it a cold?