Thursday, August 16, 2007

Trees In Threes

Several of you suggested grouping the trees in sets of three - so now that I have made lots more, here are the pix! I've been busy making these to fill orders and a couple of ladies ordered two green and one red tree as a set - I think the ones with the stars are my favorites!


Anonymous said...

Oh these are cute -- and I can see you have been busy! :)

Love you, Mom

Leanne said...

The trees with the stars are my favorite also!

Jammy said...

Those are simply precious, and remind me of times past! Love them!!


Anonymous said...

The trees are so cute!! Do you mind if I share the directions?


wyndesnow said...

These turned out really cute. I really like the ones with the stars and them grouped together!!!

Audrey said...

You are very talented! Love the little trees! Will you have a give-away of them sometime??? Just kidding - I'll have to try to make some - I'm just not crafty enough. :->
Blessings to you & your family!
~ Audrey ~

Carmen said...

Very cute! I like the stars on top, too. I bought a new Christmas CD inspired me! We start playing Christmas music at our house on October 1st! I know we're nuts but I love it! We start a Christmas countdown on that day, too!

Thanks for the inspiration!


Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

LOVE the ones with the stars. Really nice.