Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Great Deals This Week!

Monday mornings have become so fun as I plan out my list of all the freebies and great deals and then begin my rounds. Yesterday was no exception as we purchased all of these items for only the tax paid and visited four stores in two hours. Time very well spent...

CVS Pharmacy:
* Purchase $20 in Kraft products - receive $20 in "Extra Bucks" which can be spent in the store. Mary Ann - I'm giving this a try - we'll see how it works! I purchased 10 boxes of Honey Bunches of Oats which were on sale for 2/$4. Total: $0.80
* Aquafresh Advanced Toothpaste: purchase one at $2.99 and receive $2.99 in "Extra Bucks" limit three offers. Total: $0.63

Eckerd/Rite Aid:
* Purchase one Gillette Fusion Razor for $9.00; less $4.00 mfr coupon in Sunday's paper and $5.00 mail-in-rebate. Total paid: $0.63

* Vicks Hand Sanitizer: purchase for $3.49; mail in rebate for $3.49. Total paid: $0.24
* Post-It Notes: Four pack for $1.99 each. Two $2.00 coupons in Sunday's paper. Total paid: I made $0.02!

* Battery Operated Pencil Sharpener: $14.99 less $5.00 instant rebate and $9.99 mail-in-rebate. Total paid: $0.70

Total paid for everything above: $2.98

Now, here is another great deal that is too good to keep to myself. I don't know how many of you are using baby food - but it can get expensive and hard to find good deals on after a while. This is the best deal I've ever heard of! Thanks, Carrie, for telling me about this!

Print out this coupon.
Take it to Target for $1 off any two Gerber food items by August 15th. Stage Two jars are $0.52 making them $0.02 a jar. They had a limited selection, so I got some Stage Three jars as well which were originally $0.74 adjusted to $0.69 and after coupon, were only $0.20 each!

I printed out 20 coupons and bought 40 jars of baby food. My original total was over $26.00 and I paid less than $5.50 for all 40 jars!


Mary Ann said...

I've done the CVS offers this week, but not the others yet. My CVS ad had a limit of only 1 of the Aquafresh, though. I guarantee you'll find some other great deals to use your $20 ECB's within the next month.

I enjoy it when you post about the freebie/great deals you find as sometimes I overlook some of them!

MyHeartIsAlwaysHome said...

Great job! I will be heading to Target for some babyfood today.

stephanie@{Olive Tree} said...

Great deal on the baby food! My littlest won't need baby food for a couple more months, but I'm going to stock up. :)

Darcy said...

Wow, you found some great bargains! Thanks for passing on the baby food deal.

kristin said...

I have actually already used that Target coupon. While I didn't have trouble with it the first time, when i went back for more a second week, I was told (by 3 people who were called to the register!) that I could only use one coupon per visit! They didn't make me go out the door and come back in, but i did have to ring up all of my jars in separate transactions! Apparently, a women came in with 50 or 60 coupons and it was quite a big deal so they said headquarters said only one per visit! I'm willing to play by the rules, but since it says nothing about that qualification on the coupon or the website, I was very frustrated! I share this as I don't want others to have the same trouble after making a special trip. But since you didn't have trouble, maybe it just depends on the Target.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your other good deals! Way to go!

Michele@Philoxenos said...

Thanks for the tip on the Target coupon! Where do you find this stuff??

thehomespunheart said...

Kristin - a couple of people have mentioned on other blogs about having trouble using the coupons - but, I did not have any trouble. I am guessing that you are right and that it varies store by store.

Michele - my sister told me about this one, she read about it on a Works for Me Wednesday entry via Rocks In My Dryer!

Lisa said...

Thanks for the heads up. We don't have a CVS here. :( This would be so much fun. I've seen most of the deals, but missed the Post-It's at Walgreens. This will save me an extra trip somewhere els.

Thanks for sharing.

Tessa said...

Whoo, way to go Monica!!! Awesome.

Sarah said...

Thanks for posting this. I am going to try CVS for the first time this week. Please keep posting your deals, they help keep me motivated to save my family money.

Liz said...

Thanks for the coupon link! I also printed 20 coupons, bought 40 jars, and spent around $6.00 total. I had no problem using them all in one transaction. The cashier was impressed at my great deal! Thanks!

It's a Mom Thing said...

Awesome job! So, with the CVS bucks, can you use the bucks earned on what you buy?

Also, I know the Target near my neighborhood was having some "issues" with the Gerber coupons. People were printing like 50 of them, so the manager has a "you can only use 10" rule. Too bad.

thehomespunheart said...

Miriam - you can use the earned bucks on your NEXT purchase - so next time I could use them to get free stuff!

Too bad about the Target coupons - I guess if it was going to be such a problem, they should have set a limit on them.

2boysmama said...

In our area staples had some back to school specials on already. 15 cent crayons, 5 cent pen packs, to name a few. We stocked up for the Christmas shoeboxes.

Great deal on babyfood! My son refused to eat it after only 2 months. He quickly moved to table food.

Carmen said...

I got an insert in the paper that was for Kellogg's products. There were coupons and a $10 rebate slip. We have Meijer near us and they had most of the items on sale. I bought 10 items (cereal, pop-tarts (special treat!), crackers, etc.) and after the rebate I will have paid less than $3 for the whole lot of goodies (and one box of the cereal is about that regular price!). Oh, I love a good deal! Thanks for sharing! I'm scooting into CVS tomorrow for that deal!

Jammy said...

How does the CVS thing work? Do you have to have a special coupon to get the Kraft deal?


Jammy said...

YAY I cleaned my CVS out...hehe
3 boxes honey oats, 4 cocoa something or other cereal, 1 fruity pebbles (they only had a few left of each box). i also grabbed two boxes of velveeta shells and cheese. Everything above was on sale 2/$4, which came to $20 and I received the free $20 coupon for anything in the store. I have to say this is the FIRST time I've gotten stuff like that for FREE! Unbelievable!! I am definitely going to keep my eye here for each weeks deals. Thanks so much for sharing!!!