Monday, August 13, 2007

Family Night: "Bowl" Night

Our outdoor idea from last week is just going to have to wait, I guess. We were under a Heat Advisory all week and didn't think we should be outside much - so, we had a "bowl" night.

I served "bowls" of pasta, salad and bread:

Then, we "bowled" with two-liter bottles and a plastic ball:

For dessert, I found these waffle "bowls" at the grocery store:

We all had fun - doesn't this photo just capture why we have Family Night?!


Joy@Joy in the Journey said...

So cute! I love getting ideas from your family nights...your girls will certainly have lots of special memories to look back on!!

MyHeartIsAlwaysHome said...

Looks like a fun time! Great memories you are creating for the girls.

Anonymous said...

What fun! Thanks for sharing the photos!
Love, Mom

Mrs. U said...

What a fun idea!! Thank you for sharing this. I think my family would love this!

Mrs. U

Heather said...

What a nice Family Night!! The waffle bowls look so good :)

Sonya said...

You always come up with the neatest ideas! Thanks for sharing them! It always inspires me to find new ways to enjoy my family and to make things more special for their daily lives!

It's a Mom Thing said...

How cute. You're so good at making Family Night a priority in your house. I need to do better. Could you include a list of Family Night ideas sometime. That would be awesome.

Liberty said...

That is so great! We love Family Night at our house too!

thehomespunheart said...

Miriam -

If you click on the topic "Family Night" it will bring up all the posts that include Family Night Ideas - there are a bunch here to choose from. I haven't found a resource that has ideas for kids this young - so that is why I'm sharing in hopes that it will help someone else find ideas of things to do with very young children!

Hope that helps!

Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

You really do have great ideas. My son is a bit older (12) but I really love visiting your site for your creativenes. You hubby and kiddos are very lucky to have you!!!

Our Family of Five said...

It sounds like a great night. What a cool idea, and I love your blog. The header is beautiful!