Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Zoo!

Well, as you can tell - we have been having a wonderful time in Colorado! It has been too busy to post, but there is plenty of material to share with you! We have pictures on multiple cameras, so more pictures may emerge after we get home.

Friday, we went to the Zoo! Emily got to "feed" (Daddy did more feeding than she did) the giraffes, ride the carousel and ride a pony as well as see an elephant giving himself a bath! Here are a few pix from our day!

Thank you for all your great comments over the past week - I will get caught up on visiting your blogs soon!


Anonymous said...

So glad you had a fun time at the zoo! I'm glad to see these photos after hearing Emily talk about the animals. :)

The photo of you and Rachel both with your hands to your face is especially cute!

Love, Mom

Paige said...

That last picture is one you need to enlarge and frame, PERFECT!!

Sonya said...

Again, love the pictures. It looks like such a beautiful place and you guys look like you're having a great time!