Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mitford Moments: Walk

Taking walks is a very Mitford like activity. It is enjoyable and provides exercise as well. One of my favorite places to walk is the North End in downtown Colorado Springs ~

The houses and yards are often quaint and I like to imagine myself living there! One thing I miss most in the south is sidewalks! There are no sidewalks in our neighborhood and, while I do still take walks, I miss this part!

Do you have a favorite walking spot?


Anonymous said...

I love to walk. One walk I really miss is the one we had to the beach from our home in CA. I loved walking with the children. We would walk down to the beach then stop eat a snack and walk back home. It was a 5 mile walk. But did not feel that way. Now I am searching for that walk here that brings in that same feel.

Mary Ann said...

I love to walk on certain streets in our neighborhood. Some day I hope to live within walking distance to the grocery store and other errands. (I am about a 15 minute one way walk from the library now, which is fun occasionally.)

I think it depends where you live in the South as to whether or not there are sidewalks. In our area, some streets have them and some do not.:-(

Susan said...

Being a native of Colorado Springs, I loved the old neighborhoods too. In my town in Potsdam, there are so many lovely places to walk. One of my favorites is Brandenburg Street here is the link.
The are many shops, cafes and this guy always playing the accordian there.

thehomespunheart said...

Oooh! Thanks everyone for sharing where you like to walk!

Susan - enjoyed the link to your spot! :)