Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Great Deals!

I rarely go to Eckerd's (Rite Aid), but after reading their ad yesterday, I could not resist all these good deals ~ here are the best deals I've found for this week! If you know of others, please let us all know!

Eckerd's (Rite Aid):
* Herbal Essence shampoo or conditioner, mousse or hairspray - free after mail-in-rebate. Combine with manufacturer's coupon from last Sunday (?) for Buy One Get One Free and get two bottles free.
* Lady Speed Stick 24/7: on sale for 0.88, 0.75 coupon in the paper yesterday. Total cost: 0.13
* Colgate: on sale for 0.88, $1.00 off of 2 coupon in paper yesterday. Total cost: 0.38 each
* Kotex: on sale for 2/$5; mail in rebate -$1.00; coupon in paper yesterday for $2.00 off 2. Total cost: $1.00 each
* Garnier Fructis: free after mail in rebate. NOTE: read the details of the rebate carefully because the ones marked free on the shelf in our store are not the ones included in the rebate. Our store is notorious for this. They did not have the ones offered for free, so I did not purchase any.

Total spent for all items above: $2.89; I know - not as good as free - but not bad!

* Vicks Early Defense Hand Sanitizer: free after mail-in-rebate.
* Looks like there may be some good deals coming up this month, but they will have to put the things on sale first!

* Pentel RSVP ballpoint pens, 5/pack: free after easy rebate
* Microsoft Windows Live OneCare: free after rebates (to upgraders only)
* McAfee PC Protection Plus 2007: free after rebates
* Bic Ball Point Pens: $1.99/box of 12 on sale for buy one box get one free after mail in rebate. And, there is a $1.00 coupon off the purchase of two Bic products that was in Sunday's paper.


Anonymous said...

Great deals -- good job! - love, Mom

Mary Ann said...

I have a lot of these marked for when I get out to run errands later this week.

Our Eckerds/Rite Aid rarely has the advertised free items in stock either. So my trips there are quite infrequent, but I thought the 88 cent deals are great, especially with my coupons!