Thursday, June 07, 2007

A Mitford Moment: Dream

"On rare occasions, and for no special reason he could think of, he imagined he was sitting by the fire in the study, in the company of a companionable wife.

He would be reading, and she would be sitting across from him in a wing chair.

In this idyll, he could not see her face, but he knew it had a girlish sweetness, and she was always knitting. Knitting, he thought, was a comfort to the soul. It was regular. It was repetitious. And, in the end, it amounted to something.

In this dream, there was always a delectable surprise on the table next to his chair, and nearly always it was a piece of pie. In his bachelor's heart of hearts, he loved pie with an intensity that alarmed him..." ~ At Home In Mitford, page 10

So, what is the dream you would describe with such detail because it is so close to your heart? Just reading this (and knowing the dream of anyone else) makes me want to do anything and everything I can to help it become a reality. That isn't always my job or place - but obviously it strikes something deep in me to know the dreams of others.

How would I answer this? I have a couple of ideas, but nothing this thought-through or descriptive. Do you have a dream in your heart? Trust it to God ~ and pray "the prayer that never fails": Your will be done.


Anonymous said...

Dear Monica,

As far back as I can remember, my dream was to be a mom -- you (and Carrie) did make that dream come true! Well, actually God did -- but you and Carrie are a dream come true! I love you intensely!

How thankful I am that His will for me included two beautiful and precious daughters (and now three adorable grandchildren and two fine sons-in-law)! Praise His Name!

Love you lots, Mom

Leah in Iowa said...

My dream is to see my children continue to develop a close relationship and a consistent walk with the Lord. My oldest just moved out a few days ago, and MAN - are my prayers ever stepped up a notch for him!

Connie said...

My dream was always to be a mom and I am a mom of dream has since evolved into a heart for Africa....specifically Liberia where two of my children are from...not sure where God wants us to be in relevance to this dream...but I wait in anticipation for all that He is going to do.


Tracy said...

My dream is to lay on old quilt under the tree in the backyard and spend the afternoon reading with the kids. Henry is a little too wiggly right now...but someday! We are might happen!

I also dream about sharing a cup of coffee with my daughters-in-law someday. To have a coffee sharing kind of relationship with them would be so wonderful.

Jthemilker said...

My dream is to have a small farm (mostly horses) where troubled children can come to be healed by the grace of God. Something like this:

Joy said...

Oh my, your mom is so precious. My heart's desire or see my children walk in truth (and rising up and calling my blessed wouldn't be bad either :)) No, really, to watch my children walk with the Lord even more closely than I did/do, that would be amazing.