Friday, June 22, 2007

Garden Update

Since we're getting ready to be gone for a few weeks - I wanted to post an update of our garden. I am sure I will be shocked when we get home to see how much everything has grown!

Ears of Corn!

Finally, we have some cucumbers! Most are little bitty - but this one is about six inches long!

Tomatoes continuing to grow!

Roma Tomatoes

Two baby watermelons - one shown here in my hand.


myheartisalwayshome said...

Your garden is looking good. Soon we should be getting some fresh produce in the midwest. Yum!

Have a safe and fun trip!

Leah in Iowa said...

Wow ~ looks like your garden is off to a great start! Yes, you will be amazed what a few weeks will do to things!

Have a great time with your family! It's been fun getting to know Carrie more. =)

Mary Ann said...

Looks good! Isn't it fun to grow your own produce?

I will be praying for a safe and enjoyable trip for you and your little family!

Sonya said...

Looking good! I hope I'll have pics to share of mine soon. We planted a little late and things are growing slow! Have a safe trip!

Jammy said...

Very nice! I LOVE watching goodies grow. Amazing and of course, yummy, too!! =D


Lucy said...

Wow--your garden has gotten off to a great start. I hope you have someone to take care of it while you're away!!