Monday, June 18, 2007

Family Night: Apple Theme

This week we had a little movie/food theme for our Family Night! We watched:

And, I made Apple Fritters:

Now, I will say a few things about these fritters. They were not our favorite - as we were expecting something sweeter. But, the recipe was easy to follow and I came up with a couple shortcuts of my own.

First of all - I mixed all the dry ingredients before we ate dinner. I set the egg and buttermilk out to warm to room temperature. I also prepared the apples and put them in a bowl of water with a lid over the top - they did not turn brown and my prep time when I was ready to fix was very minimal.

I do not have an apple corer (and honestly would rarely use such an item) so came up with this solution. Peel apple using a vegetable peeler.

Slice apples:

Use the center of a biscuit-cutter to press out the core:


Enjoy your treat!


carrie said...

What are the odds of us both mentioning "apple corer" in our posts on the same day?! =)

Hope you enjoyed the movie.

love you, me

Leah in Iowa said...

These look delicious, Monica! Yummmm-mee! Maybe a powdered sugar glaze would make them sweeter. Another time-saving thought ~ dice the apples, mix with batter, and "drop" them into your hot oil. Hmmm... this is making me hungry for apple fritters! =)

Anonymous said...

Monica, what a cute theme -- Great idea!

Love, Mom

Christine said...

What a delicious looking treat! I absolutely love that movie. You are so creative.