Thursday, April 12, 2007

Spring Swap

Here is what I decided to send my spring swap partner!

S: seeds and spring garland
P: picture frame
R: really cute candle (ok, I know this is lame, but I could not fit it in any other way!)
I: ink pens and case
N: notecards
G: goodie jar

Total Cost:
seeds - free gift with veggie seed order
garland - made from things I had on hand
frame - free, thanks to my sister's stash!
candle - $2 at a thrift store
ink pens - free through Staples rebate
pencil case - already had, but I bought it for less than a dollar
notecards - made from things I already had
jar - 0.65 at a thrift shop; inside goodies include dried lavendar left from my sister's wedding - free; vintage ribbon 4 yards - $4.40; other ribbon - $1; other craft supplies - free that I had on hand.

Total: about $8.50

I hope my partner enjoys it!


Tessa said...

Wow, Monica, that looks fantastic! Mine looks very sloppy in comparision (and it doesn't help that I had to "stretch" the letters to fit what I wanted to give!). I also will be giving notecards for the N. ;)

Anonymous said...

Very fun, Mo! I forgot to take pix of the contents of my box, which I will be mailing today. Wahoo! c

homedaisy said...

just found you from bluebird blogs portfolio. i, too, love love love the hiding place. i have read it many times and its impact on me has been life changing. i met corrie ten boom when i was a little girl. how amazing she was. anyway, just wanted to comment, i rarely see anyone list that as a favorite book. :) bethy

Jammy said...

Very nice! I shipped my partner's out on Tuesday morning. I will post the pics as soon as she tells me she's recieved it. =) How fun!


Sonya said...

The swap items look great! I think your partner will love it! Great job!