Friday, March 23, 2007

Spring Cleaning: Prize Update

Well, I thought about stringing you along with pieces of the prize - but now that the month has gotten away from me, here is the whole thing!

What would a spring cleaning prize be without some cleaning thing? I got two of these Pledge Dusters free ~ so am using one for my cleaning and will share one with the winner!

Galvanized container holds the Pledge Duster, a set of homemade notecards wrapped in waxed paper, a book of envelopes bound together (I use mine to hold receipts), a cute pincushion, a pin to wear or put on a purse, a set of recipe or index cards and a measuirng conversion magnet.

I made everything except for the container and the dusters! Hope this provides some motivation to keep cleaning!

Remember: post a comment here or send me an e-mail to enter your cleaned room. If you've already sent it, there is no need to send it again. I'm hoping to get back to my cleaning tomorrow! You have all done such a great job so far - let's keep going!


Tracy said...

Monica- I did three rooms while you were gone!
Master Bath-
*Emptied the linen closet, threw out lots of stuff, took lots of linens to goodwill, organized closet.
*Scrubbed tub, shower, shower doors, toilet, washed floor.
*washed walls, sink, mirror, light fixture

Henry's (baby) room-
*organized closet (new shelves) sorted clothes that fit, don't fit, will fit soon
*sorted toys
*washed crib, bookshelf, end table, dresser
*washed window
*moved furniture and vaccuumed

Charlie's room-
*emptied all shelves, wiped down, organized stuff going back up
*moved furniture to vacuum
*washed window
*sorted toys
*sorted clothes
*wiped down all furniture

I'm trying to tackle the master bedroom but that's rough! It's not messy neccessarily but it's still quite a project!

Thanks for the motivation!

Jammy said...

Spring Cleaning: I totally cleaned out and organized my hallway closet up near the bedrooms (we only have two closets in the entire <1922> house!!!

I also did the second boys bedroom shared by my other two boys, and freshened up the first boys room that had already been done last week. Immaculate floor, sweet smelling, things in place, fresh bed linens...YAY! Now the entire upstairs is done, except my room (shame on me).

In my defense, the last two nights, after the boys all went to bed, I spent 5 1/2 hours total painting our living room. Dh is away for training again for a week (coming back on Thur late night) and I wanted to surprise him! Boy WILL he be surprised. He was thinking he was going to have to do this soon! It's great and so fresh in the living room; much more soothing looking. It feels good to accomplish something that will last.

I also tracked it on a fitness tracker and I approx. burned 2100 calories in the last two days, 5.5 hours work. YIPEE!!

The only room I have left is the kitchen. ;-)

susan said...

What a lovely prize cache!
I am almost done with this quarter (3 more papers) and then I'm going on a cleaning spree.
Yes, seeing the prizes has given me a bit of motivation!

Jthemilker said...

Cleaning out the spare room upstairs... what a chore!

Julian said...

ive got 6 kids. I have cleaned out their drawers, their toys, my drawers, my stuff, and now I am still cleaning every day. It never ends. But Spring cleaning is great for that deep cleaning stuff. Love the bucket of stuff!

Leanne said...

I'm finished with Spring Cleaning...
I did the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms and miscellaneous areas. My carpets are getting cleaned on the 2nd of April!
I'm giving up on the windows for now...
After the surgery and everything...I"m just too tired to take it on!! You are an inspiration, Monica!

MrsA said...

I just found your site today. Great blog. I spring cleaned my bathroom today. YAY!

What lovely prizes you have to give the lucky winner!
Is it too late for me to enter the drawing?

Mrs. C said...

I finally conquered the laundry room and family room yesterday. Your "spring cleaning" posts have inspired me to get busy!