Thursday, March 22, 2007

Luggage Tags

I found this little tin at a shop recently and knew what I wanted to use it for!

When my Mom was here, she mentioned she needed a new luggage tag. Hers had gotten ripped off during travel and we all know that travel has its hazards and having your baggage mistreated is one of them.

Well, my Mom travels quite a bit. So, I figured this may be somewhat of an ongoing problem for her. So, I decided to make her some luggage tags that could be tied on whenever one was missing. These were so easy that it would not be hard to make her more after these are gone.

I printed out her contact info using a cute font. Then I cut those out in round shapes around the info. I found some paper scraps that I already had in gingham and polka dots and glued the circles onto the larger squares. I chose this size of tag simply because it would fit in the tin above.

Next I took these to an office supply store and had them laminated. I punched a hole in the corner and tied a ribbon on. For just a couple dollars - it made twelve tags and she will have them right ready to go whenever one needs to be replaced. Plus, what a cute tin to store them in!

If you know someone who travels a lot - this would make a great gift!


Leanne said...

You could also modify this project and make a box of labels for new parents to put in their child's books, diaper bags, etc...
What a CUTE idea!!

MyHeartIsAlwaysHome said...

What a good idea. I priced luggage tags last weekend at Target and the one I saw was $7.99. Quite a savings making them yourself. I like Leanne's ideas of using them for the diaper bag and to label books. Thanks ladies for the great ideas!

Anonymous said...

Dear Monica:

Thanks for your thoughtful and creative gift! I love these tags and will enjoy using them. :) And since we know they'll get tattered or lost eventually, feel free to use this idea again sometime! :)

Another advantage is that when my suitcase comes out at the baggage claim, there won't be another bag with a tag like this! :)

I love you -- Mom

Mrs.B. said...

What a great idea and so thoughtful too! (o:

I think your blog is just beautiful!--So peaceful and homey and pretty.

I found you through Mary Ann's blog. (o:


thehomespunheart said...

Leanne - I love that idea! What a thoughtful gift it would be for a new parent!

Wendi - Wow - I had not priced them, so I'm glad to know what a savings it is! Plus, these are just SO cute! :)

Mom - I'm glad you like them! I'll make you some more some time!

Mrs. B. - Thank you so much for visiting! I am so glad that you have found this to be a peaceful and inviting place. Please come again! :)

Susan said...

You are so creative.
This couild be a good treat to make for women going on our summer church retreat.
Thanks for sharing your ideas.