Monday, March 26, 2007

Garden Update

My little garden was in much need of attention after the crazy month we've had! Saturday afternoon was beautiful outside, and while the girls slept and David went to sign on a new car for us - I worked in the garden.

Here is what I did:
* Weeded row of onions (top photo - next I need to thin them)
* Weeded row of spinach (next photo)
* Planted tomato and pepper starts outside (last photo) I did 1 row of peppers, 2 rows of Juliet Tomatoes, and 1 1/2 rows of Big Beef Tomatoes.
* Planted 1 row of green beans.
* Next row I got ready for green beans to go in this Saturday as I wanted to stagger them a bit.
* Planted 1 row cucumber.
* Planted 1/2 row zucchini
* Planted four 1/2 rows of corn - it said on the packet to plant in sections of four rows for best pollination.
* Prepared two 1/2 rows for later this week - not sure what I'll put there yet.
* Planted 1/2 row of Watermelon.
* Planted Emily's little playhouse: two rows of sunflower seeds with morning glory seeds in between. A friend told me that the sunflowers become the walls and the morning glories grow up and can be twisted across for a little roof - how cute is that? I'm giving it a try.


Grace said...

OOO Monica thanks for the morning glory tip. I was ging to plant a bunch of Sunflowers for Bri and the Morning glories would be so cute.

Julianne said...

That's impressive. How long do your girls sleep? That's even more impressive.

thehomespunheart said...

Grace - isn't that the sweetest idea?! I loved it when I heard it too!

Julianne - Emily naps from about noon to 3pm and Rachel had only had a short nap that morning, so she napped from about 1:30-3pm. They got up just as I was finishing - but David was home to keep tabs on them until I was cleaned up!

Anonymous said...

Wow -- you got a lot planted! Isn't it fun to see the fruits of your labor sprouting up through the dirt??

I am looking forward to hearing how the sunflower/morning glory playhouse turns out!

Love, Mom