Tuesday, March 27, 2007


A saying we have adopted in our house is never to doubt Emily when she says she sees something! Yesterday, I doubted, and was quickly proven wrong!

We were playing outside and she went to get her little playhouse. It was stuffed with leaves! She kept saying, "eggs!" and I replied, "Leaves - we need to clean out all of those leaves." But she persisted.

As I looked down inside ~

What a cozy place for a nest! We hope the mama bird comes back to care for these little ones and found it such a treat to see this beauty!


momxtwo a.k.a. Lisa said...

We have little house finches that like to build nests at the top of the column on my front porch. It is fun to watch but they sure do make a mess.


Anonymous said...

What a perfect place for a nest! How cute. : )


Mrs. C said...

We're finding lots of nests around our place, too. I guess that toy is officially a "bird house." :)

Elizabeth said...

Oh that is truly too cute for words! How perfect that the mama bird found a little cottage to leave her eggs.