Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Drawstring Bags: Toy Storage

I saw this great fabric recently and bought one yard to make two drawstring bags. I wanted to make these bags to store some lightweight toys in Emily's room, like doll clothes for example.

I simply cut the yard in half - sewed french seams and made a casing for the tie at the top. I used fray check on the openings for the string. Two of these hung on a hook in Emily's room will make a great storage option that is vertical and not taking up floor space. This wall would otherwise have been wasted space. Cost for two bags and string: $5 total.


Revee said...
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Revee said...

Whoops - that was my deleted post above!

Really pretty fabric! I love the storage bags and plan to use the idea for my daughters' doll clothes. :)

Susan P. said...

Wonderful idea and BEAUTIFUL fabric!

Mississippi Girl said...

SO cute!!! I might have to steal this idea!
Jennifer R.

Terri said...

Hi, Monica-

I've been thinking of something like this to use for my daughter's dirty clothes. Do you think it would be sturdy enough - if made out of a sturdier weight fabric? By the way, I love the fabric you used!

thehomespunheart said...

I think this would work for dirty clothes if made out of study fabric and sturdy ties. You'd also need to make sure your hook was anchored to a stud or some other way of securing it really well to the wall so it could support the weight.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Monica -- this fabric is cute and it's a practical use for it! :)

Love you,