Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Door Stop

Our bathroom door has not stayed open for months and we need to keep it open for humidity purposes. Here was our solution until last week:

I was tired of this wadded up rag and wanted something that looked nicer and was still functional. I also did not want to spend anything and challenged myself to look around for supplies we already had on hand.

I am sooooo excited about what I came up with! I had some khaki fabric and stitched this into a small bag. I sewed the bottom into a sideways "I" shape to help it stand up and cut a piece of cardboard from a box flattened for the trash to fit in the bottom. Then I put in dried pinto beans and tied it with twine. I tied some old-looking keys that I found in the Michael's scrapbooking department with a 40% of coupon. I love this solution!

Total time from old rag to cute little bag: 10 minutes
Total spent: Zero!


Anonymous said...

Dear Monica:

This is a great solution -- it was so fun to be there with you when you created it and share your enthusiasm!

Lots of love,

it's a Mom thing said...

That's a great idea. I keep looking for some type of faux stone statue or something. But either they are ugly or too light. My problem door is the front door and I often like it open to let the sunshine in. I'll have to come up with something like this.

Amy said...

That is a wonderful solution! I love the keys hanging on it!

Tessa said...

Monica, that is soooo cute!

Chrissy said...

Very cute! I have the same problem with my bathroom door. I have a ton of seashells around and I just chose a pretty one and that became my doorstop.

Chrisi said...

That is so adorable!

Elaine said...

Love this idea and the simplicity of it.