Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Defining Homespun

I recently had a visit on my blog from someone looking for the definition of "homespun" - this got me to thinking about what it means to me and what it really means!

As defined by Webster's, it is 1. spun or made at home or 2. simple and homely.

As defined by another on-line dictionary, it is 1. of textiles, having a rough surface; 2. characteristic of country life; 3. made of cloth spun or woven in the home; 4. spun or wrought at home, of domestic manufacture, coarse, plain; 5. plain in manner or style, not elegant, rude or coarse.

I love all of these - what they represent and the warmth and homey feeling they bring. My favorite definition is the first one on Webster's - spun or made at home. That is me ~ I am engergized in my home and my creativity flourishes in my home. My heart has been spun at home into what it is now and that is why I think my blog name is so perfect for me!

I also love that the words simple and plain appear in these definitions. I love finding joy in the simple things and in helping to create those moments for others.

One of my favorite things about the typical "homespun" item is it's imperfection - it looks homemade. To me, this communicates the love and creativity of the person who made it and knowing that it is not perfect is simply a reflection of our spiritual hearts before the Lord. I think that this word can easily mean different things to different people through their own lens of seeing the world.

So, I'm curious - what does homespun mean to you? Do you find that here?


momxtwo said...

I agree with you on the definition of homespun. Your blog is my favorite blog to read. If I am having a bad day I go read your blog and it lifts me up. You are a sister in Christ and that is shown throughout your blog. You appreciate what God has given you and you are always counting your blessings. When I think of my Christian support system your name is right at the top of the list.

I get the most wonderful ideas for my home from your blog. I am not a creative person. You have been blessed with that talent and I am glad you share with your blog friends.

I love the tea party idea! When I brought up your blog on Tuesday my computer didn't refresh the page so it still showed your Monday post. I didn't think you had posted anything. When I pulled it up today It dawned on me to refresh the page and then I saw you had posted. Sorry I missed yeaterdays post. I am so excited about getting my tea party pictures together. That will be a lot of fun.


Meredith said...

At first "homespun" brought to mind country decor. Now I'm thinking more along the lines of raw materials, ably spun into something usable, beautiful, by a woman at home.

It's so fitting.

Anonymous said...

Dear Monica -- it should be no surprise that my definition of homespun is the same as yours. :) I'm also reminded of the title on an old Victoria magazine -- "The Pure Joy of Being at Home" --

Love you!